Moondrop Variations 2EST + 2BA + 1DD Tribrid IEMs

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Note: Pre-order shipment will be processed around early December. Features:-  >High-quality acoustic performance with Perfect Tribrid Configuration.  >10mm LCP Diaphragm Dynamic Driver.   >Sonion High-Performance Dual EST Drivers.   >Softears Customised Dual Midrange Balanced Armature Drivers.   >Moondrop s VDSF Target Response Tuning.   >Low Non-Linear Distortion.   >Highly-Consistent Full-Frequency Phase Response.   >Medical-Resin 3D Printed filter cavity.   >Sand-blasted Stainless Steel Facepanel.   >6N High-Purity Single Crystal Copper Cable.   >Replaceable Termination Plugs.   >Standard 0.78mm Two-Pin Connectors.   >Nozzle: 6.5mm Technical Specifications:-   >Impedance: 15.2 ohms.   >Frequency Response Range: 9Hz-40kHz.   >Effective Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-20kHz.   >Sensitivity: 118dB/Vrms.   >THD+N: <1%@1kHz.  Moondrop Variations is the latest set of high-resolution in-ear monitors featuring an advanced tribrid driver combination. The pair houses a premium five driver configuration housing dual Sonion EST drivers paired with dual midrange Balanced Armature drivers, and a 10mm large LCP diaphragm Dynamic driver. Moondrop has designed the pair with a 3D-printed medical-grade resin material cavity with sandblasted stainless steel face panels for a rich and premium look.  


Variations + Gift Divinus Velvet Tips Full +Gift HiFiGo Neck Strap

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