Moondrop Void 50mm High-Performance Dynamic Driver Open-Back Monitors Headphone

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Features:- >Custom-developed 50mm high-performance dynamic driver. >High-efficiency internal magnetic circuit. >Combination of flexible suspension and metal-coated dome diaphragm. >Tuned following the HRTF Tuning Curve. >High-Resolution Audio Performance. >Lightweight Design. >Premium finish. >Interchangeable cable with dual 3.5mm connectors. Technical Specifications:- >Impedance: 64Ω±15%. >Frequency Response: 10Hz-80kHz. >Effective Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz. >Sensitivity: 110dB/Vrms. —SpecificationsSplit— Moondrop void marks the entry of Moondrop in the open-back over-ear department. It took nearly three years to develop, Moondrop has featured a custom-developed 50mm high-performance dynamic driver on the Void for unparalleled sound performance. Moondrop Void features a high-efficiency magnetic circuit with a combination of flexible suspension and a metal-coated dome diaphragm. With the release of Void, Moondrop steps into the Headphone game, and we are pretty sure they will rock you as they have always done with their IEMs!! Custom-Developed 50mm Dynamic Driver:- Moondrop has developed a 50mm large dynamic driver as the core heart of the Void. The pair achieves a high-performance sound that matches the capabilities of flagship-grade headphones through the fine adjustment of each component. High-Efficiency Internal Magnetic Circuit:- Void benefits from a high-power magnetic circuit. Moondrop has designed a high-efficiency internal magnetic circuit in order to balance the vibration area of each part of the diaphragm. With the help of FEA Finite Element Simulation, the geometric structure of the magnetic circuit has been optimized. It produces a powerful 1 Tesla magnetic flux allowing for smooth, swift movement of the diaphragm inside its cavity. This results in a clean and accurate sound reproduction with lower distortion in the output signal. Specially-Developed Composite Diaphragm Coil:- Moondrop has equipped the Void with a composite diaphragm. The diaphragm coil here has got a combination of Flexible Suspension and a metal-coated dome. It allows for easy drivability with superb dynamics, and well-extended treble-frequency response in the output signal. Tuned Following the HRTF Frequency Curve:- With the help of professional tuning adjustments, Moondrop Void delivers flagship-grade sound performance. Moondrop has treated it with a target response based on the HRTF(Head Correlation Transfer Function). The resulting output delivers excellent clarity with non-linear distortion performance!! Designed For Both Professional Musicians & Audio Enthusiasts:- Void with its clean and precise sound presentation will cater to the requirements of both audiophiles as well as professional musicians. Its sound presentation not only meets the demanding requirements of music lovers but also the needs of professional music producers as well. Detachable Dual 3.5mm Connector Cable:- Moondrop Void offers versatile connectivity with its dual 3.5mm detachable connector cable. The stock cable has a 3.5mm single-ended termination, but with its detachable design, users can easily upgrade to balanced and other high-end upgrade cables.


Moondrop Void, Moondrop Void + Aluminum Alloy Stand

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