MUSE HiFi M1 Smart Versatile Portable Audio DAC Adapter-Android/iOS/Windows/Mac Support

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Features:- >Two in One functionality. >Hi-Res Audio DAC/AMP. >Supports Music/Charging at the same time. >OMTP and CTIA protocols. >Smart LED indicator. >Premium zinc alloy build. >Polyester high-gloss silk braid cable. >Available in both Lightning and Type-C variants. —SpecificationsSplit— Muse HiFi M1 Smart is a highly versatile 2 in 1 USB DAC/AMP. Available in both Lightning as well as Type-C variants, the M1 Smart can be used to enjoy music and charge the source device at the same time. It houses a Type-C connection port of connecting the power adapter. M1 Smart allows the users to access in-line media controls and microphones with the OMTP and CTIA protocol support!! Charge And Enjoy Music At The Same Time:- Muse HiFi M1 Smart has 2-in-1 functionality. It can be used to charge the source device while enjoying the music at the same time. Connect it to your smartphone, you can access its 3.5mm headphone output and a type-C charging port. In-Line Media Keys & Microphone Support:- Muse HiFi M1 Smart supports CTIA and OMTP media protocols. It fully supports in-line media keys and microphones. No need to disconnect the M1 Smart, attend your calls with your high-resolution in-ear monitors and an in-line mic cable. Smart LED Indicator:- There’s a smart LED indicator light on the M1 Smart. It glows blue when you plug in a 3.5mm headphone but no power adapter, It glows red when a 3.5mm headphone, as well as power adapter, are plugged in. It doesn’t glow into any color when you just plug in the power adapter and no earphones. Solid-Premium Metallic Build:- Muse HiFi showcases excellent craftsmanship with the M1 Smart. It has got a smoothly finished build with a Zinc-alloy chassis and an Acrylic front section. M1 Smart looks phenomenally good!!  


Type-C To 3.5mm, Lightning To 3.5mm

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