NF Audio NM2+ Dual Cavity Dynamic In-ear Monitor Earphone

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  Features:- >Double cavity dynamic driver unit. >5-Axis CNC technology carved ear pieces. >Aeronautical grade aluminium ear piece material. >Stage monitoring sound tuning. >Impedance: 18Ω. >Frequency response range: 10Hz-40kHz. >Sensitivity:108dB/mW. >Distortion: <1%. >Universal 0.78mm 2-pin connectors. >High-quality 5N silver-coated OFC cable. NF Audio has released its latest pair of monitoring in-ear monitors, the NF Audio NM2+. It is an upgraded version of the highly acclaimed NF Audio NM2 monitors. It features beautiful ear pieces made up of aeronautical-grade aluminium material and is equipped with a powerful double cavity dynamic driver unit on both the sides. Exquisite Build Quality:- The NF Audio NM2+ earpieces are made with ultimate precision using the latest 5-axis CNC technology. The 5-axis CNC technology is much advanced than the traditional die-cast holding method and provides a rich texture and quality to the product. They are made up of high-quality aeronautical grade aluminium material which is usually used in aerospace, aviation, and other high precision industries. Powerful Dual Cavity Dynamic Driver:- The NF Audio NM2+ improves over the brilliant sonic performance of the NM2 from the brand. The pair is equipped with an upgraded dual magnetic circuitry with dual cavity designed dynamic driver unit. This dual cavity design provides better air pressure management for the swift and smooth movement of the diaphragm as compared to the traditional single cavity DD units. Better air pressure management results in crisp sound clarity with a powerful lower end, and wide sound stage. Outstanding Sonic Performance:- The dual cavity dynamic driver unit provides a lively and energetic sound output with high resolution clarity. It produces a powerful lower end, transparent natural vocals, and well extended treble section. The pair suits all the different genre’s of music, so it doesn’t matter what genre you prefer the NM2+ will serve you well. Very Easy To Drive:- With a very low impedance rating of just 18 ohms and a high sensitivity rating of 108dB/mW, the pair is very sensitive. It can be powered very easily using your smartphones and doesn’t require other expensive gears. Comfortable Fit:- The NF Audio NM2+ has an ergonomic design and lightweight aesthetics that makes the pair sit firmly into the ears. It provides a very comfortable and firm fit to its users sealing the entire ear canal and providing good level of noise isolation from the environment. Package Contents:- >One pair of NF Audio NM2+ monitoring IEMs. >One high-quality 0.78mm 2-pin cable with 3.5mm termination plug. >One Storage box. >One user guide. >Three pairs of balanced silicone ear tips(S, M, L). >Three pairs of bass silicone ear tips(S, M, L). >One 6.35mm-3.5mm adapter.


NM2 plus

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