Pre-Order Moondrop Jiu 10mm Dynamic Driver In-Ear Monitors IEMs with Mic & Type-C Plug

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Note: Pre-order shipment will be processed in the next week. Features:- >Alloy Casted Metallic Housing. >10mm Composite Cavity Structure Dynamic Driver. >Nano-Crystalline Coated Diaphragm. >Optimised Sound With DSP Technology. >Accurately Calculated Acoustic Coupling Cavity Structure. >Excellent Sound With Precisely Adjusted Frequency Response Range. >Patented Anti-Blocking Filter. >Tuned In-Line with VDSF Target Response Curve. >Convenient Type-C Port. >Comfortable & Ergonomic Design. Technical Information:- >Driver: 10mm High-Performance DD Unit. >Diaphragm: Titanium-Plated Composite Diaphragm. >Voice Coil: 0.035mm Ultra-Thin Black CCAW. >N52 Magnetic High-Performance Internal Magnetic Circuit. >Sensitivity: 110dB/Vrms. >THD: ≤1%. >Frequency Response: 10Hz-35kHz. >Effective Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz. Introducing the all-new Moondrop JIU, a budget-oriented single-dynamic driver IEM with a built-in DSP profile. Moondrop has equipped the pair with a 10mm high-performance dynamic driver unit with titanium-plated composite diaphragm. It’s a brand new entry-level IEM with killer sound optimized with DSP technology!! —SpecificationsSplit— Excellent Sound With DSP Profile:- Moondrop has optimized the sound of the latest JIU using the DSP profile. It’s a new generation of an entry-level IEM with a high-performance DD driver that has been optimized using a built-in DSP sound profile. Moondrop has taken the outstanding performance of the Chu and further optimized it with DSP(Digital Signal Processing) Technology for enhanced sound performance. The built-in DSP creates a balanced listening experience, a natural soundstage, and a pleasing lower-end performance. 10mm High-Performance Dynamic Driver Unit:- Moondrop JIU adopts a 10mm high-performance dynamic driver unit that delivers enhanced sound performance. It utilizes PVD(physical vapor deposition) technology. In this technology, Titanium metal is deposited on polymer film to form nanometer-sized crystals on its surface layer and then integrally molded. The Diaphragm has improved rigidity and ensures excellent damping resulting in improved treble extension and details. Precisely Designed Acoustic Cavity Structure With Zinc Alloy Ear Shells:- In order to match the desired frequency response range, Moondrop has professionally designed the acoustic cavity structure using FEA(Finite Element Analysis) simulation and 3D printing technology. The pair features high-quality Zinc Alloy material. The shells are not only lightweight but also have a solid, robust build structure. Tuned Following the VDSF Target Response:- The tuning for the Moondrop JIU is adjusted following Moondrop’s VDSF target response. It is a parametric target and sound quality is controlled by composite elements, thus restoring the sound quality to mastering levels. Moondrop JIU ensures quality sound with an open soundstage experience. Convenient To Use USB Type-C Termination:- Moondrop JIU features a versatile USB Type-C connection port. It can easily be used with smartphones, laptops, and computers easily. JIU also features a built-in microphone.  


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