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Note: Pre-order shipment will be processed by the end of December. Features:- >Flagship Desktop DAC & Headphone Amplifier. >Topping’s Exclusive 15th Anniversary Product. >AKM’s Current Flagship AK4499EQ DAC chipset. >Hybrid Relay Volume Adjustment. >Six-Channel Discrete NFCA Headphone Amp Module. >Independently Powered DAC & Headphone Amp Module. >Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity with High-Definition Codec Support. >Hi-Res Audio & Hi-Res Audio Wireless Certified. >Exclusive Build With Panoramic Transparent Top Surface. >Intuitive Aurora UI. >Dedicated Remote Control. >Dual 2.0” Full-Color Display Screen. >Eight-Way Digital Inputs. >Independent Line-Out, Pre-Amp Output. >12V Trigger Compatibility. >Maximum Output Power(Headphone Output): 10Wx2@16Ω(Balanced), 3.3Wx2@16Ω(Single-Ended). Topping DX9 is the brand’s brand-new flagship desktop DAC/AMP designed as the 15th-anniversary product. It comes equipped with AKM’s current flagship AK4499EQ DAC chipset along with a six-channel discrete NFCA headphone amplification module. With its strong core chipset, the DX9 promises top-quality performance with ultimate DNR, SNR, and THD+N performance and at the same time provides strong headphone output parameters. The DX9 outputs up to 7000W per channel headphone output at 32Ω of impedance load and 0.00009% THD+N distortion rating. It has an exclusive build with a premium CNC machined chassis and a panoramic transparent top surface!! Get the best out of your headphones with the Topping DX9 as a single standalone device on your desktop!! Ultimate Performance With Flagship Core Chipset:- At the very core of the Topping DX9, we have AKM’s current flagship decoding chipset. It houses an AK4499EQ 32-bit Velvet DAC that delivers outstanding distortion, DNR, and SNR parameters while decoding high-resolution audio signals. It supports full PCM and Native DSD audio signals and provides exceptional decoding characteristics. The DX9 achieves 132dB DNR and THD+N of <0.00007% harmonic distortion promising ultimate clean performance. The AK4499EQ has four independent channels equivalent to the performance of dual AK4499EX flagship DACs from AKM. Best-Quality Components:- Topping’s years of expertise have come in handy with its premium arrangement of components at the core chipset of DX9. To support the flagship AK4499EQ DAC, the DX9 features AKM’s AK4118 Digital S/PDIF receiver, CPLD low-jitter clock processing chipset, and a range of premium quality capacitors. All this helps the device achieve the desired performance and deliver an outstanding listening experience to the listeners. Strong Output WIth Six-Channel Discrete NFCA Module:- Topping DX9 provides ultimate strong output with its self-developed high-performance six-channel discrete NFCA headphone amplifier module. The module has 39 transistors per module. It produces a strong output rating of up to 10W per channel at 16Ω and up to 7W per channel at 32Ω with distortion as low as 0.00009%. Get ready to explore the true potential of your power-hungry headphones with the ultimate Topping DX9.  Ultra-Precise Volume Adjustment With Hybrid Relay Volume Control:- Topping’s hybrid relay volume control developed with a hybrid network of resistors and relays provides high-precision volume control which greatly optimizes SNR and noise at low-volume levels on the DX9. It provides exceptionally precise volume adjustment making it easy to pair high-sensitivity in-ear monitors and headphones with the DX9. Exquisite Build For Premium Feel:- Topping has left no stone unturned in designing its new flagship device. The DX9 features an exquisite build quality with a CNC machined metallic chassis, a transparent panoramic sunroof, and a dual 2.0” colourful display screen. Topping’s latest Aurora UI fills the screen and the device with life with its intuitive interface. High-Definition Bluetooth Connectivity:- Topping houses Qualcomm’s latest QCC5125 Bluetooth chipset on the DX9. It provides high-definition Bluetooth input options supporting protocols such as LDAC, AptX HD, AptX Adaptive, AptX, etc. Independent Line-Out & Pre-Amp Support:- Topping DX9 has a range of input and output options. Right from USB to dual Coaxial, dual optical, I2S, AES, and Bluetooth, the device has a full range of input options. It also has dedicated output options including both single-ended and balanced options for headphones as well as line-out and pre-amp outputs. We have NEUTRIK XLR as well as RCA dedicated line-out and preamp output support.


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