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Pre-Order Note: PA5 II Silver is expected to be shipped by the end of December. Features:- >Compact & Powerful Desktop Amplifier. >Innovative Class D Amplifier Circuit. >High-Output Power. >Clean Sound With Low Distortion. >Achieves <0.0003% THD+N @8Ω 5W. >High SNR Performance. >Fully Balanced Architecture. >TRS/RCA Input Options. >Comprehensive Circuit Protection. >12V Trigger Linkage. >Analog Potentiometer Volume Control. >Maximum Output Power: 140Wx2(4Ω, THD+N <10%) PA5 II Plus, 100Wx2(4Ω, THD+N <10%) PA5 II. Topping has introduced the all-new PA5 II and the PA5 II Plus desktop amplifiers. The core architecture of both the amplifiers is the same with the Plus variant having some added output power while keeping the other performance parameters the same. The Topping PA5 II series of amplifiers hold good enough power to drive your speaker systems with ease. They have a strong 140W per channel output on the PA5 II Plus and 100W per channel output on the PA5 II. The amplifiers adopt a fully balanced Class D Amplifier circuit to achieve high-power and low-distortion output performance!! Pure Hi-Res Sound With Fully Balanced Architecture:- Topping PA5 II series of amplifiers feature a fully balanced class D amplification circuit. The amplifiers achieve low distortion while providing high output power. Professional engineers at Topping have designed the PA5 II series of amplifiers to deliver a crisp sound with no audible noise floor even with a high-sensitivity speaker system!! Clear Sound With Ultra-Low Distortion:- Topping PA5 II series of desktop amplifiers have ultra-low distortion performance which is as good as a high-performance DAC. The minimum recorded distortion on the amplifiers is less than 0.0003% at 5W output on 8Ω impedance load. Low distortion ensures crystal-clear sound!! Drive Your Speakers With Easy With Strong Output:- Topping PA5 II & PA5 II Plus amplifiers are highly capable in terms of output power. The PA5 II Plus has an output power rating of 140W per channel at 4Ω load level at 10% distortion, even at standard 1% distortion, the PA5 II Plus delivers 125W of output at 4Ω. The PA5 II can provide 100W at 4Ω load at a 1% distortion level. High-output power, low-distortion, are the perfect combo for a highly-capable desktop amplifier. Comprehensive Circuit Protection:- The DC power supply built into the PA5 II amplifiers has built-in comprehensive circuit protection. They have complete protection from over-voltage, under-voltage, short-circuit, overcurrent, and overheating. Both the amplifiers don’t have any noticeable noise when turning on or off. Enjoy your music worry-free with the Topping PA5 II and PA5 II Plus. Dual-Input Options & 12V Trigger Interface:- Both the Topping PA5 II and the PA5 II Plus have two input options, featuring RCA single-ended and TRS balanced inputs. The amplifiers also have a built-in 12V trigger interface that will turn the device on or off with other connected devices in the chain.


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