Quloos QLS MC01/MC01se Portable USB DAC/AMP

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Features:- >Flagship Dual DAC Chipset with two CS43131 DAC Chips. >Optional three power filters. >Ultra-low noise jitter crystal oscillator. >High-Power amplification chipset. >Independent volume control. >Dual Headphone Output Ports(MC01 model): 3.5mm SE+4.4mm Bal. >Single-ended 3.5mm(MC01SE). >Advanced PCB design layers. >Low-power MCU management. >Powerful Output. >Supports high-resolution PCM and DSD signals. >Ultra-low noise floor. >Supports UAC1.0 mode. >OLED display. —SpecificationsSplit— Ease your portable Music cravings with the latest Quloos MC01 and MC01SE Portable USB DAC/AMPs. Featuring flagship-grade Dual DAC Chipset, a powerful amplification section, and several audiophile-grade high-end components on its audio circuitry, the MC01/MC01SE delivers an authentic high-resolution experience for the users. Please note:- The difference between MC01 and MC01SE is the headphone output port. MC01 supports both balanced and single-ended headphones with 3.5mm and 4.4mm headphone outputs while the MC01SE supports only single-ended headphones with a 3.5mm output. Dynamic, High-Res Sound Decoding With Flagship-Grade Dual DAC Chipset:- Quloos has designed the MC01/MC01SE with a premium Dual DAC Chipset. The DAC/AMP comes equipped with two flagship-grade CS43131 DAC chips that support high-res 32-Bit/384kHz PCM and native DSD256 signal decoding. Be ready to experience your favorite music with all-new clarity and details with the Quloos MC01/MC01SE. Powerful Amplification Section:- Quloos has featured high-power amplification chips on the MC01/MC01SE portable DAC/AMPs. They work flawlessly with the premium DAC arrangement delivering a powerful output. MC01 has got an output rating of 260mW@32Ω of load. It will be able to easily drive most IEMs in the market without breaking a sweat. Audiophile-Grade Components:- In order to get the best performance out of the MC01/MC01SE, Quloos has designed them with high-end audiophile-grade components on the circuitry. This includes ultra-low jitter crystal oscillators, ultra-low noise, and ultra-high PSRR chips, Philips electrolytic capacitors, Panasonic capacitors, etc. With the Quloos MC01/MC01SE, an amazing sound experience awaits for the users. Exquisite Metallic Build With OLED Display:- Quloos MC01/MC01SE comes with an exquisite finish. The device has got a premium finish with CNC machined aluminum alloy chassis. They feature an OLED display that shows different functions and settings on the device.


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