QULOOS QLS QA390 Multifunctional Mobile All-in-one DAC Digital Player Headphone AMP

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Pre-sale Note : This item will be shipped out November The QA390 is a mobile all-in-one machine powered by more than 10000mAH. Dual AK4497 DAC chip, ALL TO DSD mode, dual 1000000uF The balanced amp s highest output is close to 30V RMS The final stage power tube current output capability is 2700mA Headphone interface: single-ended interface: 6.35, 3.5; Balanced interface: 2.5, 3.5, 4.4, 4-core XLR. Built-in single-chip single-threaded SD card player, HWA (LHDC) HD Bluetooth input dual USB interface All the way to the phone or tablet Italian interface, the connection to the computer phone tablet is excellent. Coaxial, fiber-optic input, as a DAC integrated machine is also very good. RCA and balanced XLR analog output, easy to connect directly to the amp, power amplifier, optional programmable analog volume preamp output Size: 200mm*180mm*45mm Weight: 1.8kg  


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