Rose Technics QT-X 1DD+6BA Hybrid Units Hi-Fi In-Ear Headphones for Audiophile

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Note: Only QT-X 4.4mm is available now. Features:- >Powerful sound with multi-driver hybrid configuration. >Six High-Performance Imported Balanced Armature drivers. >One 8mm Liquid Crystal Tesla Dynamic Driver. >Professionally adjusted Master tuning for perfect sound quality. >Ergonomic design for a comfortable wearing experience. >High-purity single-crystal copper cable. Technical Specifications:- >Driver configuration: 1DD+6BA on each side. >Impedance: 18Ω. >Sensitivity: 108dB. >Weight: 30±5grams. >Connector: 0.78mm 2-pin connectors. >Frequency response range: 20Hz-20kHz. —SpecificationsSplit— Rose Technics comes up with a flagship-grade multi-driver hybrid set of in-ear monitors, presenting the Rose Technics QT-X. Designed with a seven-driver hybrid configuration on each side housing one 8mm Tesla dd and six high-performance balanced armatures, the QT-X packs an impressive performance that is gonna bring your music with all-new clarity and resolution. Enjoy your music with the superb clarity and loving vocals of the amazing Rose Technics QT-X. Irresistible Sound Enjoyment With Seven-Driver Hybrid Configuration:- Rose Technics QT series has always featured professionally-adjusted hybrid configurations. The pair comes with a seven-driver hybrid setup housing an 8mm Tesla Dynamic Driver with six high-performance balanced armature drivers. The drivers are arranged in a four-way frequency division that ensures lower harmonic distortion, and lower phase differences in the output signal. High-Performance Tesla Dynamic Driver Unit:- To deliver an impactful performance, and showcase every single beat in your music with full authority, Rose Technics has equipped the QT-X with an 8mm Tesla dynamic driver unit. The driver uses a high-performance PEK diaphragm with Japanese imported voice coils producing unmatched clarity and resolution in the output signal. Imported Balanced Armature Drivers:- Rose Technics has paired the single dynamic on the QT-X with six imported high-performance balanced armature drivers. The pair houses Dual 30018 IF, Dual 30019 HF, and 33ap007 MF & LF balanced armature drivers. BA drivers are known for producing quality resolution and delivering an impressive performance. Professional Tuning By Experts For Perfect Sound Quality:- QT series of premium in-ear monitors from Rose Technics are tuned by Mr. Xie Yu, a highly-experienced acoustic engineer(former engineer at Fostex). The latest QT-X is a masterpiece tuned by Mr. Xie, taking him about 3 years to adjust the tuning of this beauty. The QT-X delivers unmatched performance with unparalleled resolution, spacious soundstage, rich vocals, and precisely detailed instruments. High-Purity Cable With 2-pin Connectors:- Rose Technics has designed a special high-purity cable for the QT-X, it’s called the Blue Rose. It is a high-purity 5N single-crystal copper cable with proper sheathing that provides a clean sound performance with enhanced resolution and reduced noise interference in the output signal. The cable adopts 2-pin 0.78mm connectors and a 3.5mm termination plug.    


Nebulas Blue 4.4mm, Nebula Purple 4.4mm

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