Rose Technics QT9 MK2S 1DD+4BA Hi-Fi Audiophile Flagship In-Ear Earphone

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Features:- >Five-driver hybrid configuration. >10mm Liquid crystal Tesla dynamic driver. >Four imported flagship BA drivers. >Ergonomic design for a comfortable wearing experience. >Universal MMCX connectors. >High-purity 6N OCC copper cable. Technical Specifications:- >Impedance: 12Ω. >Sensitivity: 108dB. >Weight: 30 grams. >Frequency response range: 8Hz-44600Hz. >Connector Type: MMCX. >Termination Plug: 3.5mm. >Cable length: 120cm. Rose Technics QT-9 MK2S is the latest five-driver hybrid set of flagship-grade in-ear monitors. The pair features a classic combination of Dynamic and balanced armature drivers enclosed in lightweight and ergonomic ear shells. It is the 3rd generation of the QT9 series of hybrid IEMs. With professional tuning adjustments at Rose Technics, the pair is quite capable of delivering quality performance with a pretty clean response throughout a wide frequency region. QT-9 MK2S brings us a killer sound at a pocket-friendly price point. Five-Driver Hybrid Configuration Per Side:- QT-9 MK2S IEMs are designed with a five-driver hybrid configuration per side. The pair is equipped with a 10mm dynamic driver along with four high-performance balanced armature drivers. The drivers here are arranged in a 3-way frequency crossover for clean and distortion-free sound performance. Powerful Sound With A Powerful Dynamic Driver:- To provide a powerful sound performance, Rose Technics QT9 MK2S comes with a 10mm Tesla dynamic driver unit. It has over 1T super magnetic flux paired with LCP(Liquid Crystal Polymer) diaphragm and Japanese imported voice coils for producing a spectacular performance. Four High-Performance Balanced Armature Drivers:- Rose Technics QT9 MK2S IEMs feature four high-performance balanced armature drivers specially imported from America. It uses a Dual 30018 IF balanced armature unit for rich midrange and a dual 30019HF balanced armature unit for a transparent and clean treble response. Comfortable & Ergonomic:- Designed after a study on more than 200 groups of 3D ear samples of European and Asian ears, the QT9 MK2S ear shells have got an ergonomic shape with lightweight shells. The pair provides a super comfy fit for most users. The shells are made up of high-quality PMMA plexiglass material. High-quality aerial aluminum alloy material is used to carve the elegant face panel of the pair. High-Purity MMCX Cable:- Rose Technics packs the QT9 MK2S with a high-purity 6N OCC copper cable with a coaxial shielded structure. The high-purity core material of the cable greatly reduces the signal loss during transmission. It has universal MMCX connectors and a 3.5mm termination plug.


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