SeeAudio Bravery RB Edition 4 Balanced Armature In-Ear Earphone 0.78 2pin Detachable Earphone

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Features:- >Special Edition for Award-Winning Multi-BA Driver IEMs. >Four High-Performance BA Drivers Per Side. >Musical & Detailed Sound. >Clean, Accurate, Wide Frequency Response Range. >Precise Electronic Crossover. >New, Upgraded Stock Cable. >High-Purity Silver-Plated Cable With Swappable Termination Plug System. >Includes High-Quality Azla SednaEarfit XELASTEC Eartips. Technical Specifications:- >Driver Configuration: Quad High-Performance BA Drivers. >Driver Arrangement: 2 BA Low+ 1 BA Mid+ 1 BA Highs. >Impedance: 18Ω. >Frequency response range: 20Hz-20kHz. >Sensitivity: 110dB/mW. >THD+N: <1%. >2-pin 0.78mm connectors. >Termination Plug: 2.5mm+3.5mm+4.4mm. Presenting the all-new See Audio Bravery RB Anniversary Edition IEMs. These are spectacularly designed premium sets of in-ear monitors with a four-balanced armature driver configuration on each side. It’s a redesigned and reequipped version of the award-winning Bravery IEMs from See Audio. The primary upgrade with the new Bravery RB Edition is the all-new silver-plated modular cable that enhances sound clarity with improved resolution, Clarity, and Details. New Upgraded Stock Cable:- The primary upgrade with the See Audio Bravery RB Edition over the previous models is the stock cable. See Audio has firmly included a high-purity silver-plated cable. This cable is specially developed for the pair with a silver-gold outer sleeve and swappable termination plugs. See Audio bundles 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 4.4mm termination plugs in the package allowing the users to use the pair with any given source straight out of the box. High-Purity Cable For Enhanced Sound:- The upgraded stock cable is not just for cosmetics, It brings noticeable acoustic differences such as improved lower end, enhanced resolution, and improved clarity as well. Crisp Sound Reproduction With Four High-Performance BA Drivers:- The Bravery RB Edition adopts a multi-BA architecture with four high-performance balanced armature drivers on each side. The drivers are carefully chosen and placed inside the driver cavity for excellent sound reproduction.  The drivers are arranged together in a precisely developed electronic frequency crossover and independent cavity chambers. Smooth & Accurate Sound:- The Bravery series of IEMs from See Audio are well-recognized for their excellent, smooth sound. The new Bravery RB Edition stays true to the soul of the Bravery Series with its clean, articulated, accurate sound response and wide frequency response range. Premium Azla SednaEarfit Xelastec Stock Ear Tips:- Like always, See Audio bundles the new Bravery RB edition with high-quality accessories. They have chosen premium Azla Sedna Earfiot Xleastec ear tips that provide ultimate level of comfort with excellent isolation from the surrounding noises.      



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