SeeAudio Neko 6BA IEMs In-Ear Monitors

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Brand Story SeeAudio aims to touch the heartstrings with the rhythm of music and lead you into a colorful music world. Their core team is composed of experienced custom earphone R&D and production experts, young and full of strength. They pursue the ingenious combination of innovative frequency response adjustment technology and top-level original components, opening a new chapter of high-fidelity headphones with exquisite and elegant sound and gorgeous appearance. The SeeAudio team was established in July 2018. After more than a year of silent work, it launched a personalized custom headset service in October 2019. They have since launched a series of high-profile products, including the critically acclaimed and continuing popularity of Kguya, Neo, and Anou. With years of accumulated experience, dedicated and persistent research and development work, and the active support of many music lovers and producers, they have given each product a unique character and soul while pursuing a nearly perfect balance of sound quality. It is particularly worth mentioning that the BRAVERY headphones launched by SeeAudio in 2021 have been well received and sought after, and have maintained continuous popularity and wide popularity in the past two years. And YUME II, which will be launched in 2022, will take the vocal interpretation to an astonishing new level. And in early 2023, SeeAudio will cooperate with HIFIGO and ZEOS to launch the popular super product RINKO. In addition to product releases, SeeAudio also provides personalized private customized earphone services to meet the unique needs of users. They continue to innovate and skillfully integrate audio technology and design aesthetics to bring users an excellent music experience. With the relentless pursuit of excellent quality and innovation, SeeAudio has become one of the high-profile brands in the field of headphones. Additionally, our proud roster includes two unique and unforgettable characters: RINKO and NEKO. RINKO, an 18-ton combat robot, is known for his excellent physical abilities and perception of sound. She perceives the color, shape, and texture of sound in the same way we perceive light. RINKO demonstrates unique fighting skills and sound mastery in battle, bringing a whole new dimension to our technological innovation and audio experience. NEKO, a character from the mysterious world of another dimension, has become a topic that people talk about with his charming image and personality. She loves music and is proficient in the art of hot weapons. NEKO combines fighting with music and brings endless surprises to everyone with its dancing posture and unique fighting style. The presence of these two characters has injected new vitality and adventure into the SeeAudio family. They represent our relentless pursuit of technological innovation, audio experience, and artistic exploration. Together with RINKO and NEKO, we will continue to push the frontier of audio technology and bring more exciting innovative products and entertainment experiences to users. Please join the SeeAudio family, explore the infinite possibilities of audio with us, and enjoy the perfect fusion of music and technology.   Product Story Cats were important and even considered sacred in ancient Egypt, Japan, and many other cultures. They symbolize elegance and mystery and are often seen as symbols of beauty. It is believed to bring tranquility and peace of mind. NEKO translated as “(ねこ)猫” (English: cat), is a highly sought-after high-end earphone. NEKO earphones are famous all over the world for their excellent sound quality, exquisite workmanship, and unique design. The brand is committed to providing an excellent listening experience for music lovers and professional users.   Character Story NEKO is an attractive member of SeeAudio family! She comes from a mysterious different-dimensional world, wearing a charming maid costume, a pair of charming cat ears, and a lightly wagging tail. The purpose of NEKO coming to this world is to defeat RINKO who is both an enemy and a friend, so she came across the dimension. NEKO is well aware of RINKO s power and mystery, so he has a fierce battle with her. Unlike RINKO who relies on physical skills, NEKO is good at using hot weapons to attack. She flexibly uses various weapons with powerful firepower to attack the enemy accurately and swiftly, hoping to defeat RINKO. NEKO has a unique ability. She can perceive the surrounding environment and energy with her voice, and use this as the basis for her battle strategy. She is good at identifying the enemy s weaknesses, and counterattacks with precise rhythm and harmonious melody, showing a unique and elegant fighting style. However, NEKO s road is not smooth sailing, she faces various challenges and obstacles. In order to cope with RINKO s great power, NEKO must continue to grow and improve, learning new fighting skills and strategies. In this process, NEKO is not only pursuing victory, but also gradually discovering her inner potential and love for music.  NEKO exudes charming charm, and every challenge becomes an opportunity for her to move towards her goal. Her presence has injected new vigor and adventure into the SeeAudio family. Embark on this challenging and musical journey with NEKO, experience her duel with RINKO, and feel her passion for victory and music!      



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