SeeAudio x Z Review Rinko 1DD+1Planar Dual-Driver Hybrid IEMs

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Features:- >All-New Hybrid Design with gal-driver Setup. >1 Powerful Dynamic Driver. >1 6mm Planar Magnetic Driver. >Tuning Suggestion by Zeos from Z Reviews. >3D Printed Shell Design. >Compact & Ergonomic. >Powerful Sound With Lively Details and Punchy Bass. >Outstanding Clarity For Vocals. >Premium Render Ear Tips. >High-Purity Silver-Plated Oxygen-Free Copper Cable. >Also Available Premium Rinko Keycaps(Additional). Technical Information:- >Impedance: 30Ω. >Sensiytivity: 112dB±1dB >Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-20kHz. >FR QA/QC: ±1dB >THD+N: ≤2%. >Denoise: 26dB >Driver Configuration: 1DD+1PR. >Termination: 3.5mm or 4.4mm. >Connector Interface: 2-pin 0.78mm. >Cable: 6N oxygen-free copper wire 12 cable   See Audio and Z Reviews have come together for an all-new set of dual-driver hybrid IEMs, the See Audio x Z Reviews Rinko. The pair comes loaded with a dual-driver hybrid combination featuring a powerful dynamic driver for the rich lower end and a high-performance 6mm planar magnetic driver for outstanding extensions in the ultra-high-frequency region. Rinko is tuned with suggestions from Z Reviews, taking in his expertise in designing a great sounding set at a budget price point!! —SpecificationsSplit—   Z Review:- “The new Rinko tuning emphasizes a strong, tight low-end while also giving a generous boost to vocals via a modified mid-range response. This IEM is Aiming to sound like a much higher-end then its price tag and I think Rinko will no doubt compete and overtake most other IEMs in the range.” The Goodness of Planar Magnetic & Dynamic Drivers:- Rinko brings us the goodness of Planar and Dynamic Driver units in a single pair of IEMs. With a custom-developed dynamic driver unit, the pair is able to achieve deep-hitting lower end producing an impactful bass response. The Planar Driver implements the output with its extreme details, fast transients, and ultra-high-frequency extensions!! Precisely Designed 6mm Planar Driver:- The Rinko adopts a newly-developed 6mm micro planar magnetic driver unit on each side. This driver features an ultra-thin diaphragm with dual magnets placed in parallel to it. The magnets produce a strong flux and a swift movement of the diaphragm resulting in a clean and precise sound performance with lower distortion!! Planar driver patent:   3D Printed Shell Structure:- Placing a Dynamic and Planar driver together in a shell is not an easy job. See Audio has achieved the needful using high-precision 3D printing technology. With a sophisticated process, the complex design is achieved and both the drivers are placed firmly into the cavity structure. The outer shape of the pair is firm and ergonomic promising a comfortable fit for most users!! High-Purity Silver-Plated Stock Cable:- See Audio Rinko features a high-purity silver-plated oxygen-free copper stock cable. It’s a 4-strand grey twisted cable with silver-plated 6N oxygen-free copper wires. The cable has 2-pin connectors and a 3.5mm termination plug. Matching Keycaps:- See Audio in collaboration with Z Reviews has developed matching Rinko keycaps as well, they have named it Rinko Touch. These are high-quality PBT material keycaps with a beautiful design theme based on the Rinko Waifu!!                      


Rinko Black 3.5mm + Gift Stand + Zeos Logo Gift, Rinko Black 4.4mm + Gift Stand + Zeos Logo Gift, Rinko White 3.5mm + Gift Stand + Zeos Logo Gift, Rinko White 4.4mm + Gift Stand + Zeos Logo Gift

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