SHANLING EC Mini Hi-Fi Quality Dual ES9219MQ DACs Bluetooth CD Player

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  Features:- >Transportable CD Player & Digital Audio Player. >Premium Dual DAC Chipset. >Dual ES9219 DAC Chips. >3.5mm & 4.4mm Headphone Output Support. >Strong Output With 248mW@32Ω Output Power. >Philips CD Drive & Sanya HD860 Laser. >MQA-CD Support. >Supports Hi-Res Signal Decoding(32-bit/384kHz PCM & Native DSD256). >LTA 8092 Pre-Amp Out Chipset. >Dual RT6863 Dedicated Headphone Amplifiers. >RCA Analog Output Support. >Bluetooth V5.0 Connectivity. >MicroSD Card, Bi-Directional USB Support. >Easy to Access With Touch Screen and Physical Buttons. >Independent Battery Power With two 18650 Batteries. Shanling EC Mini is a brand new transportable CD Player that can also be used as a dedicated digital audio player with MicroSD card playback support and bi-directional USB support as well. Take a trip of nostalgia with your favourite Audio CD playback or dive deep into the world of the latest music playback everything possible easily on the Shanling EC Mini. The device supports 3.5mm and 4.4mm headphone outputs as well as RCA analog pre-output for easy connectivity options. Shanling EC Mini is the perfect blend of nostalgic CD Players and modern digital audio players!! Utilizing The Best Components For Premium CD Playback:- Shanling has designed the EC Mini with the best quality CD playback components to ensure long durability and comfortable usage. The EC Mini features a Philips CD drive and Sanyo HD860 Laser for accurate CD and MQA-CD Reading and playback. These are proven great quality components already featured in other bigger CD Players by Shanling. Dedicated Audio Decoding Arrangement:- Shanling has designed the EC Mini with a dedicated audio decoding chipset. The device houses a premium dual DAC chipset featuring two ES9219 ESS Sabre DAC chips that provide exceptional sound signal decoding simply supporting 32-bit/384kHz PCM signals and native DSD256 signals. The premium 32-bit dual DAC arrangement enables the EC Mini to have high-performance characteristics with low THD+N, high SNR, and DNR performance. Not Just A CD Player:- With multiple input and output options, the Shanlign EC Mini is not just a dedicated CD Player. It also has full digital playback support with up to 2TB microSD card support, Bluetooth V5.0 input, and bi-directional USB input as well. The Wireless Bluetooth input here supports advanced high-definition protocols including LDAC, AptX, AAC, and SBC. The Bluetooth connectivity here is also bi-directional. As for outputs, we have dedicated 3.5mm and 4.4mm headphone output ports as well as RCA analog pre-out support. Remote Playback Control With Shanling Companion App:- Shanling EC Mini is fully compatible with the latest Shanling Eddict Player application available on both Android and iOS devices. The Eddict Player application can transform your phone as a remote control for the EC Mini allowing you to control the CD playback as well as the local MicroSD card playback. Independent Power Supply:- Shanling EC Mini adopts the acclaimed 18650 battery power supply from Shanling H7. It has a total capacity of 6800mAh promising a battery life of up to 25H while using MicroSD card playback and up to 7.5H while using CD Playback. Top-Level Performance With Premium Internal Components:- Shanling Audio is among the most experienced brands from China in the audiophile industry. They have years and years of expertise in the design and development of premium-quality audio products. They have designed the new EC Mini with premium quality components to ensure nothing but exceptional performance. The EC mini features a dedicated LTA8092 Pre-Amp chipset, Dual RT6863 headphone amplifiers, KDS low-phase and ultra-low noise Oscillators, Panasonic and ELNA capacitors, etc. All these premium components ensure we get a purely blissful music-listening experience!!


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