SHANLING EC3 Top-Loading ES9219C DAC Chip Compact Hi-Fi CD Player

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Features:- >Top-loading Philips CD80 Drive & Sanyo HD850 laser head. >Premium ESS ES9219C HiFi DAC Chip. >LTA8092 OP-AMP. >Ingenic X2000 System Platform. >Ampak AP6256AC Module For Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity. >Compact Colorful Display. >Motorola IPS Panel. >Headphone Output. >RCA Line-Out. >Optical & Coaxial Digital Outputs. >USB Drive Playback. Technical Specifications:- >Dimensions: 25.5×18.8×6.8cm. >Weight: 2.4Kg. >Power Drain: 15W.  RCA Output Specifications:- >Output Level: 2.3V. >Frequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz. >SNR: 116dB. >Dynamic Range: 116dB. >Distortion: <0.001%. Headphone Output:- >Output Power: 20mW(low gain), 70mW(high gain) @32Ω. >Frequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz. >SNR: 114dB. >DNR: 116dB. >THD+N: 0.0015%. >Channel Separation: 65dB@32Ω. >Output Impedance: 0.4Ω. —SpecificationsSplit— Shanling EC3 is a brand new high-quality premium CD player with a top-loading Philips CD80 Drive and Sanyo HD850 laser head. Equipped with the HiFi ES9219C high-performance DAC chipset from ESS Sabre Technologies and LTA8092 OP-AMP, the EC3 can serve as a complete setup for your high-resolution music enjoyment. It also supports music playback via USB Drives!! Premium Philips CD Drive:- Shanling has equipped the EC3 with a high-performance Philips CD80 CD drive and premium Sanya HD850 Laser Head. It enables stable and error-free reading of CDs with good accuracy and low issues in the output signal. EC3 promises quality sound performance!! High-Fidelity ESS Sabre DAC Chipset:- Shanling EC3 adopts a high-performance premium DAC chipset from ESS Sabre Technologies. It houses an ES9219C 32-Bit DAC chipset that provides smooth details and noise-free clean background in the output signal. While using USB Drive for playback, EC3 supports high-resolution 32-Bit/384kHz PCM audio signals. High-Performance LTA Op-AMP Chipset:- Further enhancing the decoded signal from the ESS Sabre DAC chipset, Shanling has equipped the EC3 with a high-performance LTA8092 OP-AMP chipset. It provides clean and powerful output via a headphone output and the RCA line-out. Bluetooth & USB Playback Functionality:- Shanling EC3 can act as a full Hi-Res Player with its Bluetooth functionality and USB Drive Playback. It supports Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity for signal input. EC3 also supports music playback from a USB drive through a dedicated USB slot on the front. Custom-Built Software:- Shanling has developed a custom software system for the EC3. With the help of the Ingenic X2000 Platform and a 1.6” colorful IPS display, the device is easy to operate. It can be completely controlled via Eddict Player application.


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