SHANLING M9 Plus Flagship Portable Android Player

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Features:- >Flagship Quad DAC Arrangement with Four AK4499EX DAC Chips. >Dual AK4191 Delta-Sigma Modulators. >Quad-DAC 8-Channel Balanced Circuit. >Dual-Independent Crystal Oscillators(90.3168MHz/98.304MHz). >In-House Developed I/V Conversion Circuit(ADA45253). >Independent XC9519 Power Supply Chip for DAC Section. >Premium OP+BUF Amplification Architecture. >Strong Output Thrust(up to 1125mW@32Ω). >ELNA Silmic II & Panasonic Tantalum Capacitors. >Big 6” 2K Display Screen. >Two-Way Bluetooth V5.0 Connectivity. >XMOS XU316 USB Processor. >Snapdragon 665 Octa-Core CPU. >8 GB RAM. >Open Android 10 OS. >256GB Internal Memory. >MicroSD Card Slot Up to 2TB Card Support. >High-Capacity 8350mAh Battery. >Up To 18-Hours Long Lasting Battery Life. Introducing the all-new Shanling M9 Plus, a successor to the award-winning Shanling M9. With a newly-developed flagship-grade Quad DAC Architecture, the M9 Plus brings unmatched sound experience for audiophiles in a compact and portable form factor. The player promises clear sound with excellent dynamics and noise-free Hi-Res audio signal decoding. Shanling has redesigned the audio architecture with upgraded crystal oscillators, upgraded OP+BUF amplification chipset, and further enhancements to bring a top-quality Android audio player in the form of M9 Plus. Flagship-Grade Quad DAC Chipset:- In order to promise top-quality audio signal decoding with ultra-low distortion and high SNR performance, Shanling has designed its ultimate flagship M9 Plus audio player with a Quad DAC Chipset. The player houses four units of AKM’s latest AK4499EX flagship 32-Bit DAC. This Quad DAC arrangement pushes the performance of the M9 Plus to its limits. It gets access to an 8-channel audio design for the totally independent balanced circuit. Quad DAC design offers an increased current output and overall improved dynamics, better SNR, and lower background noise, with all four DACs being active for the balanced output. All four DACs are manually tested and paired for ideal matching in the audio circuit. It also has dual AK4191 delta-sigma modulators with the Quad-DAC arrangement. Upgraded Performance With Upgraded Audio Architecture:- Shanling has upgraded the audio architecture of the M9 Plus with enhanced and latest chips. The crystal oscillators are upgraded to 90.3168MHz/98.304MHz versions. The in-house developed I/V conversion circuit is now adjusted for the ADA45253 chipset. All this is done to take the performer of the M9 Plus out of its limits and promise top-quality flagship sound for the listeners. Independent Power Supply For DAC Section:- In order to enhance the overall sound experience for the listeners, the Shanling M9 Plus houses an independent XC9519 power-supply chipset. This chip is specially implemented as a power chip for the DAC section further improving the flagship DAC with a clean uninterrupted power supply. Upgraded Amplification Chipset For Powerful Output:- Shanling has upgraded the amplification chipset of the M9 Plus with newer chips. The M9 Plus adopts Shanling’s trusted in-house developed OP+BUF architecture for the amplification section. The player features MUSES 8920 J-FET and BUF634 combination for smoother and finer sound response with strong output power ratings. The M9 Plus produces up to 1120mW of clean output through the 4.4mm balanced port. It can drive most IEMs, Headphones with ease. Snappy Performance With Octa-Core CPU:- Shanling M9 Plus houses Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 Octa-core CPU. It is paired with 8GB of RAM to ensure smooth performance with multi-tasking support. Shanling has loaded the M9 Plus with Android 10 OS supporting most media applications out there. Long-Lasting Battery:- Shanling has featured an ultra-high-capacity battery on the M9 Plus. It has a capacity rating of 8350mAh. The M9 Plus has a rated battery life of up to 18 hours on the single-ended output and up to 11 hours through the balanced output.


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