SHANLING MG800 Flagship 11mm Dynamic Driver IEMs

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Features:- >Newly-developed 11mm dynamic driver. >Dual N48 magnetic circuit. >Ultra-fine Daikoku Voice Coil. >High-quality DLC(Diamond-Like Carbon)-plated diaphragm. >Semi-open back design. >Aviation-grade Titanium alloy shells. >High-precision 5-axis CNC machining process. >Three interchangeable Brass Tuning nozzles. >Balanced & detailed sound. >High-purity Opta-core Furukawa cable with modular termination plug system. —SpecificationsSplit— Shanling MG800 is the flagship pair of single dynamic driver in-ear monitors equipped with an 11mm DLC-plated diaphragm dynamic driver unit enclosed in a stunning CNC machined titanium-alloy shell. The pair operates on a semi-open acoustic design for a wider soundstage and a comfortable wearing experience. MG800 delivers impeccable sound performance with unmatched clarity, lovely midrange, and exceptional detailing. Be prepared to experience all-new details and resolution from a single DD IEM with the brand new MG800!! Precisely Designed 11mm Dynamic Driver Unit:- Shanling MG800 comes equipped with a newly-designed 11mm dynamic driver unit on each side. The driver here adopts a high-quality DLC-plated(Diamond-Like Carbon) diaphragm coil along with a powerful dual N48-based magnetic architecture and premium Daikoku Voice coil. MG800 performs exceptionally well with its detailed and lively sound performance that complements different genres of music well!! Premium Titanium Shells With Semi-Open Back Design:- Shanling MG800 features high-quality aviation-grade Titanium alloy ear shells with a semi-open back design. The shells here are crafted using a high-precision 5-axis CNC machining process, giving the pair a premium finish. The semi-open back design allows for a natural diffusion of sound waves, creating a wide soundstage and significantly reducing listening fatigue.  Professional Tuning & Swappable Tuning Nozzles:- Shanling has got expertise in tuning single and multi-driver IEMs. They have professionally adjusted the tuning of the latest MG800 for balanced and detailed sound output. The lower end is kicking with a clean and accurate midrange and faster treble frequencies. MG800 also features adjustable tuning with swappable tuning nozzles. There are three sets of tuning nozzles included in the package that helps the users adjust the output more to their liking. High-Purity Furukawa Hybrid Modular Cable:- Shanling MG800 includes an octa-core high-purity hybrid cable from Furukawa. The cable has 6 cores of single-crystal copper material with 2 cores of silver-plated copper material. It uses premium MMCX connectors and modular termination. Package will include 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 4.4mm termination plugs.


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