SHANLING UA5 Portable USB DAC Headphone Amplifier

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Features:- >Dual ES9038Q2M high-performance DAC chipset. >Dual dedicated Ricore RE6863 amplifier chips. >Fully balanced circuit. >Physical volume wheel for independent volume control. >In-built 220mAh battery. >Switchable operating modes, full USB power+Hybrid Battery power mode. >Digital SPDIF coaxial output(through 3.5mm port). >3.5mm+4.4mm Headphone output ports. >Supports both UAC2.0 and UAC1.0 modes. >Works perfectly with Android, Windows, Mac, and IOS Devices. >Powerful output. >Monochromatic 1.44” OLED display. Technical Parameters:- >PCM decoding: upto 32-Bit/768kHz. >DSD decoding: Native DSD512. >Output Power: 137mW@32Ω(single-ended), 211mW@32Ω(balanced). >Connector type: USB Type-C. Presenting you the all-new USB DAC/AMP, the Shanling UA5. First of its kind to feature an in-built battery, the Shanling UA5 has a hybrid mode where the DAC and AMP chipsets get clean power resulting in a cleaner sound presentation. Shanling has designed it with a powerful dual ES9038Q2M DAC chipset and dual Ricore RE6863 amplifiers for a remarkable experience every time you listen to your favorite songs. So what are you waiting for?? Upgrade the way you listen to your music with your smartphones and Windows/MAC systems with the Shanling UA5 today!! Full USB Power or Hybrid Battery Power, Choice Is Yours:- Shanling UA5 offers you to power the device in two different ways. Either you can use the USB source for power or you can simply switch on the Hybrid Power Mode. In Hybrid Power Mode, the UA5 uses its own in-built 220mAh battery for powering the DAC and AMP chipsets. This enables the device to produce a cleaner presentation. High-Performance Dual DAC Chipset:- Shanling UA5 is designed with a fully balanced architecture. The device houses dual ES9038Q2M DAC chips, one for each channel. We have previously experienced ES9038Q2M DACs, they are super clean and provide crisp signal decoding with lower distortion and high SNR values. It supports high-resolution 32-Bit/768kHz PCM and native DSD512 decoding. Dual Ricore Amplifier Chips:- Shanling UA5 houses two amplifier chips too featuring Ricore RE6863 amplifiers. These produce precise audio signal amplification, producing a powerful output thrust of up to 211mW @ 32Ω through the balanced headphone output port. This enables the UA5 to power demanding IEMs and headphones easily. Dual Headphone Output WIth SPDIF Digital Out Support:- Shanling UA5 has dual headphone output ports, one single-ended 3.5mm and another 4.4mm balanced headphone output port. The 3.5mm single-ended port also supports SPDIF digital output to feed the digital signal further to other devices in the chain. Both single-ended and Balanced connection ports provide versatility to the users to choose their preferred termination. Compatible With Multiple Devices:- With both UAC2.0 and UAC1.0 modes, the Shanling UA5 is compatible with multiple devices including Windows, MAC, iOS, and Android devices. Users can also connect it with Nintendo Switch gaming consoles.


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