Shozy FORM 1.4 4BA+1 Dynamic Driver Hybrid HiFi IEMs

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Technical Specifications:- Hybrid Five Driver Setup, consisting of 4 custom-tuned Balanced Armature Drivers and One Beryllium Dynamic Driver Unit Imported Medical-Grade 3D Printed Resin Shells Imported Wooden Panel Faceplate Impedance: 16ohms Sensitivity: 102dB Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-20kHz 2-Pin 0.78mm connector Type High-Purity Copper cable with 3.5mm termination plug Shozy is a famous China-based ear manufacturer, they have a wide range of products in their In-ear monitor s lineup, like the widely famous Shozy 1.1 or the Shozy Neo BG. They have released a new pair of hybrid In-ear monitors, the Shozy 1.4. The Shozy 1.4 is a five driver hybrid pair of earphones, with a five driver setup on each earpiece, medical-grade 3d printed resin shells, and imported wooden printed faceplates. shozy Form 1.4 impression Five Driver Hybrid Setup Providing Unique Sound Output:- The Shozy 1.4 is equipped with a five driver hybrid setup in each earpiece, with 4 Shozy custom-tuned balanced armature drivers and one beryllium coated dynamic driver unit. Beryllium is a very premium material that provides better durability to the diaphragm and maintains proper air pressure, which provides smooth coil movement, resulting in crisp and clear sound output. The sound output has a slight U-shaped sound signature with quick, fast and thumpy bass response, The mids and vocals are tuned perfectly with natural and detailed output, while the treble section has a smooth response with no peakiness or sibilance even at higher volumes. The sound output is balanced and detailed, making the pair suitable for watching movies or enjoying any genre of music. The drivers work together flawlessly providing you with rich sound quality, with low distortion. Medical-Grade 3D Printed Shells:- The Shozy 1.4 earpieces are made up of medical-grade 3D printed shells, which provide a strong and tough character to the earpieces, the earpieces have an imported wooden faceplate, each and every earpiece of Shozy 1.4 has a unique design on the faceplate and each will differ from each other. The overall look of the earpieces is very beautiful. The earpieces are made with utmost perfection and have an ergonomic design to themselves, which provides a comfortable and firm fit, the earpieces have no issues in fit to peoples with different ear sizes as it has a universal 3D printed design. Balanced Sound with Amazing Details:- The Shozy 1.4 provides its users with a balanced and unmatched sound quality output, the sound has a U-shaped signature with brilliant details. The staging has a wider and taller representation, the instruments have brilliant detailing. There is no harshness or fatigue in sound output even at higher volumes. 0.78mm 2-Pin Copper Cable:- The Shozy 1.4 comes bundled with a 0.78mm 2-pin connector copper cable, the cable is fabric coated and a high-quality one. It provides very low internal sound signal resistance and provides a durable quality. Zipper Carry Case:- The Shozy 1.4 has a zipper carry case included in the package, the carry case has enough space for you to carry around your pair of earphones easily and safely. There is ample space for carrying a few pairs of ear tips too. Package Contents:- One pair of Shozy 1.4 earphones One 0.78mm 2-pin high-purity copper cable Six pairs of silicone tips Three pairs of Foam tips Carry case User guide    


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