SIMGOT EA500 10mm Dual-Magnetic-Circuit & Dual-Cavity Structure Dynamic Earphones

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Features:- >10mm Dual-Magnetic Circuit & Dual-Cavity Dynamic Driver Unit. >4th-Generation DLC Composite Diaphragm. >Dual Tuning & Dual Frequency Response Curve. >Detachable Nozzle Design. >High-Density Metallic Cavity Design. >Mirror-Plating Process. >Detachable 2-pin Cable Design. >High-Purity Silver-Plated OFC Cable. Termination Plug:- >Driver: 10mm Dual-Magnetic-Circuit & Dual-Cavity Structure. >Impedance: 16Ω±15%. >Connectors: 0.78mm 2-pin. >Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-20kHz. >Sensitivity: 123dB/Vrms(Red Ring), 124dB/Vrms(Black Ring). —SpecificationsSplit— Presenting the all-new Simgot EA500, a brand-new single dynamic driver IEM with a dual-magnetic circuit and dual-cavity structure design. It packs two different sound tunings in a single package with detachable tuning nozzles. You get Harman 2016 Frequency Curve and Simgot’s classic tuning curve. You can simply choose your preferred tuning by replacing the nozzle. The pair has a stunning design with mirror-plated high-density metallic ear cavities!! Specially Developed Dual-Magnetic & Dual-Cavity Dynamic Driver:- Simgot EA500 adopts a specially developed 10mm dynamic driver unit that features a dual-magnetic circuit and dual-cavity design. This dual-magnetic system of EA500 provides both internal and external magnetic circuits. They are made up of high-power N52 magnets that produce a powerful magnetic flux allowing for swift movement of the diaphragm. The dual-Cavity design manages the air-pressure buildup inside the cavity and helps the pair to produce a clean sound with wide extensions and lower distortion. 4th-Generation Composite DLC Diaphragm:- The dynamic driver on EA500 adopts a composite DLC(Diamond-Like Carbon) diaphragm coil. It is composed of three different kinds of materials in different regions, DLC offers strong rigidity, a high-damping structure that produces crisp Treble performance. Elastic composite material is used to build the edge that produces the mid and lower end. DLC diaphragm is highly used in premium IEMs today and is highly trusted in the industry for clean sound reproduction. Two Different Tuning Response Adjustable Via Detachable Nozzle:- Simgot EA500 offers smooth sound frequency adjustment with the help of detachable nozzles. The pair actually offers two different tuning responses, the Red silicone ring nozzle is for Harman 2016 curve, and the black silicone ring is Simgot’s classic target response. The Red nozzle has a balanced sound response with accurate imaging, while the black nozzle is based on Simgot’s flagship EN1000 and EA2000 tuning profile. It has improved treble presence that boosts the resolution and delivers amazing clarity throughout the frequency band. Vocals have a rich, emotional presentation with the Black Nozzle. Exquisitely Built Mirror-Finish Metallic Ear Shells:- Simgot has beautifully crafted the ear shells for EA500 using high-density metallic alloy. The cavities have been optimized to suppress standing waves and produce a clear sound. They are made using a mirror-plating process that gives them an elegant mirror finish. High-Quality Silver-Plated Stock Cable:- Simgot packs the EA500 with a high-purity silver-plated OFC Cable. The pair uses standard 0.78mm 2-pin connectors and has a 3.5mm termination. High-purity silver-plated material ensures clean sound performance with low-internal resistance to the sound signal.  



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