Simphonio PB10 Planar+ Balanced Armature In-Ear Monitor

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Features:- >Unique Planar and BA Driver Hybrid Driver Configuration. >Specially developed Planar Magnetic Driver with Ultra-Thing 2um Composite Bio-Diaphragm. >Stunning Looks with Unique Hand-Painted Face Covers. >Ergonomic Ear Shells For Comfortable Fit. >Premium CNC Machined Aluminum Alloy Ear Shells. >High-Purity 392-Core 6N Copper & Silver Cable. >Professional Tuning. Simphonio PB10 is a brand new Planar + BA Driver Hybrid pair of in-ear monitors designed and tuned professionally for a top-quality sound experience. Simphonio PB10 promises flagship-grade sound performance with ultimate clarity, crisp vocals, and a refined frequency band response. With aviation-grade aluminum alloy ear shells, the design and fit of the PB10 is simply exceptional!! Unique Planar & Balanced Armature Driver Combination:- In order to deliver top-quality sound performance, Simphonio has equipped the PB10 with a combination of planar magnetic and high-performance balanced armature driver on each side. Simphonio has specially developed a large planar magnetic driver unit that produces a fast and crisp sound while the BA driver enhances the output with its sheer resolution. Exquisite Design:- The PB10 has an eye-catchy design. The pair adopts purely hand-painted face panels that add an artistic look to the elegant look of the pair. It’s a head-turner with its unique design. Comfortable & Well-Built:- PB10 is an exquisite pair of in-ear monitors. The set is designed with ultimate craftsmanship using high-quality aviation-grade aluminum alloy material. The shells are crafted using high-precision CNC machining processes that give them a rich and premium finish. High-Purity Stock Cable:- Simphonio bundles the latest PB10 with a high-purity stock cable. The cable features an 8-strand configuration with a 392-core structure. It comprises high-purity 6N copper and silver wire cores that provide the output with a clear and detailed sound.  


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