Simphonio RX10 Single 10mm Dynamic Driver In Ear Monitor

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Features:- >10mm Dynamic Driver with Composite three-layered diaphragm. >Graphene+PET+PU coated diaphragm coil. >High-Sensitivity N52 neodymium magnetic architecture. >Turbine-shaped Stainless Steel cavity. >3D-printed ergonomic ear shells. >Easy To Drive. Simphonio RX10 is the latest single-dynamic pair of high-resolution in-ear monitors featuring an advanced 10mm dynamic driver unit with a triple-layered diaphragm coil. The pair has an extremely lightweight and highly sensitive composite diaphragm that is made with three different materials, Graphene, PET, and PU. Pretty sure you are going to love the pure sound with a wide sound stage that the RX10 can produce. Composite Three-Layered Diaphragm:- Simphonio RX10 has a 10mm high-performance dynamic driver unit with a specially developed composite diaphragm coil. This composite diaphragm here is made with three different materials, Graphene, PET, and PU. All three of these materials come together as an extremely lightweight and sturdy diaphragm that moves swiftly inside the cavity and produces a low-distortion sound output. Experience your music with all-new clarity and detail with the latest RX10. Premium N52 Neodymium Magnetic Architecture:- What good is a good diaphragm in a dynamic driver without a good magnetic architecture?? everything is interconnected here. To ensure the peak performance for the dynamic driver, Simphonio has featured premium N52 neodymium magnetic architecture on the RX10. This enables swift movement of the driver coil, hence resulting in a cleaner output with better dynamics and clarity. Uniquely-Designed Stainless Steel Acoustic Cavity:- The acoustic cavity here in Simphonio RX10 has a unique design. It has a turbine-shaped acoustic cavity made with high-quality stainless steel material. This cavity is fitted inside a 3D-printed high-quality outer shell. Exquisite, Ergonomic Design:- You are gonna love the smooth finish and exquisite design of the ear cavities. The cavities are made with premium PVD coating and Natural Nacre Inlaid Lids on the outer shell. It is available in two different color options, White & Black. They are crafted after a deep analysis of huge ear canal data in order to achieve a super comfy fit for its users.


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