Simphonio VR1 Nanometer Ceramic Diaphragm Dynamic HiFi In-ear Earphone

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Simphonio VR1 Nanometer Ceramic Diaphragm Dynamic Driver Flagship HiFi Audiophile In-ear Earphone CS10 is pure silver + silver alloy mixed braid cable.   Technical Specifications:- >Model Name: Simphonio VR1 >Driver Unit:- 14.2mm Ceramic Dynamic Driver Unit >Frequency Response Range:- 20Hz-40kHz >Impedance: 64 ohms >Sensitivity:- 118+/-3dB >Connector Type:- 0.78mm Two-pin connectors Simphonio is a China-based audio equipment manufacturing brand, they make premium quality audio products specializing in earbuds. Their famous products include Simphonio Dragon 2+ earbuds, which is a very simple built and natural-sounding earbud with rich details. Quite recently the brand has announced its latest pair of Flagship In-ear Monitors, Simphonio VR1. Simphonio VR1 is a single nanometer ceramic diaphragm dynamic driver unit pair of in-ear monitors, it offers a premium build quality having ceramic quality faceplate design and high-quality alloy shells. Ceramic Diaphragm Dynamic Driver Unit:- Simphonio has made the driver unit in its VR1 from ground up with the latest technology to develop ceramic diaphragm dynamic driver unit, the driver has a large size of 14.3mm, provides a crisp and detailed quality sound output. The ceramic driver gives a deep and rich bass response, a natural mids experience with life-like vocals quality, and a smooth and detailed treble response. The instrument details are rendered with utmost precision providing its users a mesmerizing experience. The overall sound output through the VR1 is balanced and natural with no sibilance at all, you can enjoy any genre of music, or watch movies with great sound quality output. The ceramic diaphragm driver unit provides great airflow and maintains good air pressure making the coil movement in diaphragm swift and smooth resulting in crispy clear sound clarity. The single driver unit ensures there is no distortion as that is usually seen in multi driver-based IEM’s. Natural Opal Faceplate:- The Simphonio VR1 has a very rich and premium build quality, it has got a natural Opal on the faceplate, The Opal is a very premium material which is very rare, It makes the earpiece look simply amazing and giving it a jewelry look. The earpieces have an ergonomic design to themselves providing its users a comfortable and secure fit. The earpiece shell is made up of 7 series of high strength aluminum alloy. Wider Staging and Brilliant Details:- The Simphonio VR1 has been tuned in such a manner to provide its users a wider sound stage, with great imaging capabilities, the instrument separation is just outstanding, the instruments have got natural timbre with great sound resolution, resulting in great quality sound output. Simphonio CS10 Cable(Optional Purchase):- You can use the Simphonio VR1 with any of your 0.78mm two-pin cables, But it pairs best with the Simphonio CS 10 cable which is an optional purchase you can do while buying the VR1 or separately too. The CS10 is a. Pure silver and pure silver alloy hybrid braided cable, it offers no distortion and no music detail loss during the signal transfer from the source to the earpieces resulting in better sound quality. It comes in two different variants with 4.4mm balanced plug, or 2.5mm balanced plugs. Package Contents:- >One pair of Simphonio VR1 Earpieces >One leather carry case >Three pairs of silicone tips >Three pairs of Memory foam tips >User Guide Please Note that the Simphonio CS10 cable is an optional purchase.  


gold, grey, VR1 + CS10 2.5mm Balanced (+$350.00), VR1 + CS10 4.4mm Balanced (+$350.00)

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