Singxer SA-1 Headphone AMP Fully Balanced Discrete Class A Amp/Preamp

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Features:-  >Super-Clean output.  >Ultra-low Distortion.  >Ultra-low Noise Floor.  >Fully Balanced Architecture.  >Class A Amp/Pre-Amp Output.  >4-Pin XLR/4.4mm Balanced Headphone Output.  >6.35mm Single-ended Output.  >Balanced XLR and Unbalanced RCA line-out.  >Balanced XLR and Unbalanced RCA signal input.  >Two Gain Modes: Low/High.  >Balanced Maximum Output Power: 6480mW @ 32Ω, 2000mW @ 120Ω, 380mW @ 600Ω.  >Signal To Noise Ratio: 147dB.  >Dynamic Range: 147dB. Singxer SA-1 is the latest fully balanced Class-A amplifier from the brand. It offers a completely discrete analog audio circuitry to provide a superb sound signal amplification with ultra-low noise-floor and distortion. Fully Independent Class-A Analog Amplification Circuit:- Class “A” is a type of amplifier circuit that reproduces the whole signal wave resulting in a higher-fidelity output with no cross-over distortion. The Singxer SA-1 features a true four-way fully independent, fully discrete Class-A amplification circuit design. It is a pure analog circuit with pure analog control without any EMI(Electro-Magnetic Interference) caused by digital controls.  Fully Balanced Output:- The Singxer SA-1 is a fully balanced audio amplifier with balanced XLR signal inputs. The audio signal is then amplified using top-class amplification circuitry providing low-distortion and noise floor. For final output, the device features 4-pin XLR/4.4mm Balanced headphones output ports. For Pre-out the SA-1 is equipped with XLR balanced line-out too. The SA-1 also features 6.35mm single-ended headphone output and RCA single-ended pre-amp line-out functionality. Super-Clean Signal Amplification:- The Singxer SA-1 chipset features high-quality premium components that enable the device to provide a super-clean output with ultra-low harmonic distortion and noise ratings. The output has a THD+N rating of -120dB @ 1kHz A-weighted. The output has a super-low noise floor even with sensitive pairs of IEMs and Headphones there is no sign of distortion or noise. All you get is a pitch dark background where the minutest of musical details pop out making the output full of life. Circuit Protection:-  Singxer has designed the internal audio circuitry of the SA-1 to provide protection against electrical issues like overcurrent, overload, overheating, short circuit, Start-up delay, and more. So users can enjoy their music without worrying about power causing any trouble to the device.  Ultra-low distortion, the following figure shows the performance of APX555 test prototype: Size and packaging: The length, width and height of the case: 234MM*170MM*46MM, excluding the height of the machine feet and the protruding part of the connector behind the case. The length, width and height of the carton packaging: 350MM*230MM*110MM. The weight of a single machine is about 1.8KG. Shipping package weight: 2.3KG Standard accessories: a power cord


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