SMSL SA400 Bluetooth 5.0 NJRC NJW1195 Power Amplifier

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Features:- >Two Separate Digital Power Amplifier Chips. >Japanese NJW1194 High-Precision Electronic Volume Control Chip. >Super-Bass Pre-AMP Output Support. >Stable Bluetooth V5.0 Connectivity. >Qualcomm aptX Lossless Wireless Codec Support. >High-Quality Power Supply. >Audiophile-Grade High-Quality Components. >Outstanding Performance With Ultra-Low Distortion. >Multiple EQ Modes With Separate Frequency Adjustment Option. >Fully Functional Remote-Control. >Colorful Display. >Aluminum Alloy CNC Machined Body. >Supported Inputs: XLR, RCA, Bluetooth. >THD+N: 0.003%. >SNR: 96dB. >Channel Separation: 94dB. >Output Power: 230Wx2(4ohm)/110Wx2(8ohm). >Power Consumption: 50W. >Size: 210x48x235mm(WxHxD). >Weight: 1.95Kg. S.M.S.L SA400 is the latest Bluetooth Power Amplifier for your HiFi audio systems. It is loaded with high-performance audiophile-grade components to ensure high-resolution premium performance with your HiFi speakers. Two Separate Power Amplifier Chips:- S.M.S.L SA400 features two independent power amplifier chips that provide distortion-free, noise-free sound output for your speakers. It has an output power rating of up to 230W per channel at 4 ohms of load, it is more than enough to power demanding speakers in your chain.   Bluetooth V5.0 Connectivity With Qualcomm aptX Codec Support:- S.M.S.L SA400 features an advanced Bluetooth chip providing stable Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity with high-resolution aptX transmission. With the SA400 in your audio chain, you can feed hi-res signal to your high-fidelity speaker systems with a lag-free, fast Bluetooth connection. Japanese NJW1195 High-Precision Volume Control Chip:- S.M.S.L SA400 adopts a Japanese NJRC high-precision NJW1195 electronic volume control chip for precise volume adjustment with ultra-low distortion. With this chip, the SA400 has a distortion rating of as low as 0.0003% only. It also features an NJW1119A low-distortion three-section EQ control chip to ensure the purity of the sound source. Sub-Woofer Output Support:- S.M.S.L SA400 features a separate sub-woofer pre-output option to help the users create a powerful 2.1ch audio system. This output is adjustable from -30 to +10dB volume levels providing the users full control over the bass response of their 2.1 system. Exquisite Design With Aluminum Alloy Build:- S.M.S.L SA400 has a well-finished CNC machined build quality where the shell is made using premium aluminum alloy material. The device also features a colorful display right on the front that adds to the rich and premium look of the amp. Multiple EQ Options:- Users can completely utilize the benefit of multiple EQ modes available in the SA400. It also offers independent control over the bass, middle, treble, and sub-woofer settings to precisely control the output via your high-resolution speakers. Audiophile-Grade Performance With Audiophile-Grade Components:- S.M.S.L SA400 features audiophile-grade HiFi components to ensure a high-quality sound performance. The brand has chosen high-quality capacitors, resistors on the audio motherboard for its class-leading performance. It also features a professional LLC resonant power supply that is more suitable for power amplifiers.   


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