SMSL SK-10 MKIII Sanskrit 10th High-end DAC Decoder With New AK4493S & 3rd Gen XMOS Solution

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Features:- >Simple yet Powerful. >Latest-generation AKM DAC Chip(AKM4493S). >Latest 3rd generation XMOS XU316 USB processor. >Supports high-resolution 32-Bit/768kHz PCM and native DSD512 signals. >Advanced CK-03 low-jitter clock system. >High-performance power filtering system. >Anodised CNC machined Aluminum housing. >Built-in Gravity acceleration sensor. >Can be used in both standing as well as laid down manner. >Display changes automatically based on the device’s orientation. >Wireless remote control. >Compatible with all-leading sources. >Clean and precise performance. —SpecificationsSplit— SMSL has introduced the latest generation of its classic Sanskrit USB DAC with the release of the Sanskrit 10th Mk3. MK3 here adopts the latest-generation AKM DAC chipset, a 3rd-gen XMOS USB processor, an upgraded jitter clock, and a high-performance built-in power filter system. All these upgrades make the Sanskrit 10th MK3 one of the finest DACs that delivers high-end performance at a fraction of the cost!! Unmatched Performance With Latest AKM DAC Chipset:- SMSL has featured the latest-generation AK4493S AKM DAC chipset on the latest Sanskrit 10th MK3. The DAC here has been implemented with great precision, it delivers quality high-resolution audio signal decoding with ultra-low distortion ratings!! 3rd-Generation XMOS USB Processor:- Sanskrit 10th MK3 utilizes a 3rd-generation XU316 USB processor chipset from XMOS Technologies. It allows for clear transmission of high-resolution audio signals via the Input port and handing them over to the DAC chipset. With the help of this latest USB Chip, the Sanskrit 10th MK3 decodes high-resolution 32-Bit/768kHz PCM and native DSD512 signals. New Upgraded Digital Clock System:- SMSL has equipped the Sanskrit 10th MK3 with a new CK-03 upgraded digital clock architecture. It ensures high-quality signal transmission with ultra-low jitter noise. High-Performance Power Filtering System:- Since the Sanskrit 10th MK3 can take power from the connected source device(Windows/Mac systems), SMSL has featured a built-in high-performance power filtering system for optimal performance with low noise introduction in the output signal. Built-in Gravity Acceleration Sensor:- Sanskrit 10th MK3 can be used in both standing as well as laid-down manners. The device houses two different displays that changes automatically based on the orientation of the DAC. Multiple Input Options:- SMSL Sanskrit 10th MK3 not only has a USB input. It also supports digital SPDIF inputs via the provided Coaxial and Optical ports. As for output, we have an RCA line-out option. Fully Functioning Remote Control:- SMSL includes wireless remote control with the Sanskrit 10th MK3. You can easily access every single function and adjust every single setting on the DAC using the remote control!!


SK-10 MKIII Black, SK-10 MKIII Grey

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