SMSL SP400 THX Headphone Amplifier

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Features:- >THX AAA-888 Amplification Circuit. >High-Performance Audio Circuit. >Balanced Stereo Headphone Output. >Balanced Pre-Amp Out. >High-Precision and Low-Noise 256 Level Relay Volume Control. >3-Level Gain Switch(Low, Medium, High). >High-Efficiency Ultra-Low-Noise Power Supply. >Premium Japanese Headphone Sockets. >1.9” LCD Display. Technical Specifications:- >Output Power(Balanced): 12Wx2 @ 16Ω, 6Wx2  @ 32Ω, 880mWx2 @ 300Ω, 440mWx2 @ 600Ω. >Output Power(Unbalanced): 6Wx2 @ 16Ω, 3Wx2 @ 32Ω, 440mWx2 @ 300Ω, 220mWx2 @ 600Ω. >Signal to Noise Ratio: 133dB, A-weighted. >Output Noise: 1.9uV, A-weighted. >THD+N: -123dB, 0.00007%(1kHz, 32Ω). >THD+N: -117dB, 0.00013%(20Hz-20kHz, 32Ω, -3dB). >THD: <-125dB, 0.00006%. >Input Impedance: 47kΩ. >Output Impedance: Near 0Ω. >Frequency Response Range: 0.1Hz-500kHz(-3dB). >Power Supply Voltage: AC100-240V, 50-60Hz. >Power Consumption(EN60065): <40W. >Power Consumption in Standby Mode: <0.1W. >Dimensions: 225x210x43(mm). >Packing Size: 354x276x80(mm). >Weight: 1330gms. SMSL SP400 is the latest desktop amplifier from SMSL housing a powerful THX AAA-888 amplification circuit to deliver the best sound experience to its users. THX AAA-888 Amplification Circuit:- Equipped with a powerful THX AAA-888 amplification circuit, the SP400 produces a super clean sound output with ultra-low distortion. The THX AAA-888 is a linear double amplifier circuit with patented feed-forward error correction technology. It effectively reduces the distortion caused by traditional amplifier circuits and produces a lively distortion-free sound output. Quality Comes With High-Quality Components:- In the pursuit to present the world with a brilliant performing amplifier system, SMSL has equipped the SP400 with many premium components. The audio motherboard inside the SP400 uses many 0.1% high-precision low-temperature drift resistor. The PCB uses a 6-layered gold circuit board. Two customized THX power modules provide a stable and reliable power output guarantee. Precise Volume Adjustment:- Equipped with multiple premium volume relays inside the audio circuit, the SMSL SP400 offers a very precise 256-level volume adjustment. It allows the users to precisely adjust the output level even with a sensitive pair of headphones and earphones. Elegant & Powerful:- Made with sandblasted aluminum chassis using the high-precision CNC machining process, the SP400 has a classy elegant look. It holds supreme power capabilities to power up your most demanding cans with ease. With power as high as 12Wx2 at 16Ω of load(Balanced connection), it can power your most demanding of the cans with ease. Audiophile-Grade Power Supply:- Equipped with two units of customized 24W high-efficiency low-noise power supply units, it guarantees an efficient supply to power to all of the audio components resulting in a super clean output. A bad power supply can introduce electrical noise in the output, but that s not the case with the SMSL SP400. You get the best sound experience with the SMSL SP400 in your audio chain.  


SP400, SP400+M400

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