Softears Tempest Upgrade Earphone Cable

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Features:- >Premium 8-Strand Configuration. >6N High-Purity Copper+Copper Alloy Silver-Plated+Copper Alloy Wire Cores. >Made with 99.9999% Copper Material. >Total 448 Cores. >Litz Coaxial Braided Structure. >Thick Gold-Plated Connectors. >Medical-Grade PVC Outer Insulation Layer. >Well-Textured Metallic Y-Splitter and Chin Slider. >316L Stainless Steel Metallic Components. >Balanced 4.4mm Termination. >Universal 0.78mm 2-Pin Connectors. Softears Tempest is a brand new premium IEM Upgrade Cable with an 8-strand Lite Coaxial braided structure design. It is a high-purity cable made using 6N High-Purity Copper+Copper Alloy Silver-Plated+Copper Alloy Wire Cores. The cable actually has 448 total wire cores with a high-quality skin-friendly PVC outer insulating layer. The high-purity wire cores guarantee top-quality performance with your connected IEMs. Get an instant update on the performance of your IEMs with the Softears Tempest by your side!! Get Impressive Sound With Enhanced Core Structure:- Softears Tempest IEM upgrade cable is designed with top-quality components. The wire features a premium 8-strand configuration with 6N high-purity Copper with Copper Alloy Silver-Plated and copper alloy cores. The cable consists of a total of 448 cores braided together in a Litz Coaxial Braided Structure. High-Purity 99.9999% Copper:- Softears has designed the cable with the best quality high-purity copper material. It adopts 99.9999% copper material. It provides additional stability to the sound signal and provides an enhanced sound output. Copper is widely used as core material for wires, Acoustic Team at Softears have carefully chosen the best quality suitable for smooth transmission with low internal resistance. Medical-Grade Skin-Friendly Outer Sleeve:- The Softears Tempest IEM upgrade cable features custom-developed skin-friendly medical-grade PVC outer coating. This coating not only protects the sound signal from electromagnetic interference but also provides good durability and flexibility. High-Precision CNC Machined Metallic Components:- The metal components such as the Y-Splitter, the Chin Slider, and the covering around the connectors and termination plug are made using a high-precision CNC machining process. They are made up of high-quality Stainless Steel material. Thick-Gold Plated Connectors & Balanced Plug:- Softears Tempest cable supports 2-pin connector IEMs. The cable has high-quality gold-plated 2-pin 0.78mm connectors with a 4.4mm balanced termination plug system.


Softears Tempest

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