Soundaware AMC D2 USB / Network DAC HQPlayer Network Player

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Features: 1. Dozens of TB-level large-capacity music management performance 2. D1 standard 200W class luxury fully shielded linear power supply system 3. Eleventh generation desktop low-power CPU, HQPLAYER 7EC DSD128 upscaling 4. High pressure and ultra-stable work 5. Break through the power consumption wall, high-response, no-delay, and fixed-frequency operation 6. The whole machine has no fan and low noise cooling scheme 7. High-end imported SSD 8. All kinds of high-definition online music APP native installation, Bit perfect playback 9. 4*USB 3.0, 1000M network port, USB TO AC WIFI support 10. Audio constant temperature heating system, dual independent audio data signal regeneration low noise clock 11. Built-in two independent PA1 patented noise removal systems, independently output clean USB and network audio signals.


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