TANGZU x DIVINUS FUDU VERSE1 ZEN Series 10mm DD+ 2BA Hybrid In-Ear Earphone

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Features:- >Collaboratively Designed with Divinus. >Three-Driver Hybrid Setup. >2BA+1DD Combination on each side. >Powerful 10mm Dynamic Driver. >Dual Customized Balanced Armature Drivers. >Elegantly Crafted CNC-Machined Metallic Face Panels. >High-Precision 3D Printed Resin Cavities. >Exquisite Looks. >Professional Tuning Adjustments. >High-Purity OFC Cable. >Rich set of Accessories. Technical Specifications:- >Driver Spec: 1DD+2BA. >Distortion: ≤1%@1kHz. >Sensitivity: 106dB. >Impedance: 16Ω. >FR Range: 20hz-20kHz. >Connector Type: 0.78mm 2-pin. >Termination Plug: Gold-Plated 4.4mm. Introducing the all-new Tangzu FuDu Verse 1, the Tangzu’s first-ever hybrid driver in-ear monitors. Packed with a 10mm dynamic driver and dual customized balanced armature drivers, the Tangzu FuDu packs a wonderful sound with a powerful lower-end, lovely midrange, and crisp, open treble response. Tangzu has designed the FuDu Verse 1 as a collaborative project with Divinus featuring their widely-acclaimed velvet eartips. The pair has a minimalistic design based on the Zen philosophy with CNC-machined metallic face covers and 3D-printed resin cavities!! Minimalist Design Based on Zen Philosophy:- Embracing Zen Philosophy, Tangzu has designed the new FuDu Verse 1 with a minimalistic design theme. The pair has an exquisite black-colored finish with CNC machined metallic face panels and 3D printed ergonomic resin material inner cavities. The pair fits nicely and holds a charming look which makes it a great set for everyday comfortable listening. Tangzu’s First Hybrid:- The FuDu Verse 1 is the brand’s first-ever IEM with a multi-driver hybrid configuration. Previously we have got many successful single dynamic driver and planar magnetic driver IEMs from the brand, this time we have a three-driver hybrid configuration featuring a 10mm dynamic driver unit and two customized balanced armature driver units on each side. The dynamic driver unit here adds strength to the output with a strong, powerful lower-end and crisp midrange while the balanced armature drivers produce an airy treble frequency response. A Collaboration With Divinus:- Tangzu joined hands with Divinus a well-reputed ear tip brand in designing the Fudu Verse 1. The design and tuning were finalised after extensive research by both brands. The pair comes packed with DIVINUS’s famous Velvet eartips as stock. The pair also includes Tangzu’s TANG SANCAI balanced eartips as well. High-Purity Balanced Stock Cable:- Tangzu FuDu Verse 1 comes packed with a high-purity OFC(Oxygen-Free Copper) Silver-Plated balanced cable with 4.4mm termination. The pair adopts universal 0.78mm 2-pin connectors which makes it easy to replace or upgrade the cable whenever the need arises.  



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