Tingker H16 8BA Monitoring Earphone Interchangeable Cable In-Ear IEMs

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Features:- >Professionally-designed 16 BA driver arrangement(8BA per side). >Exquisitely Crafted ear cavities. >Professional Tuning for a natural and lively sound. >Aluminum-alloy cavities. >Three-way frequency crossover. >Three-Channel Sound Guide Structure. >Detachable cable with 0.78mm 2-pin connectors. >High-quality OFC cable. Technical Specifications:- >Impedance: 7.5Ω. >Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-22kHz. >Sensitivity: 97dB. >Insulation: 30dB. >Weight(single earpiece): 6.9grams. Meet an all-new Multi-BA IEM from Tingker, the H16. Equipped with an 8BA driver configuration per side, the pair is tuned professionally using a three-way frequency crossover for a natural and lively sound performance. The shells here are made up of high-quality aluminum alloy material that is highly durable and lightweight. Tingker H16 is a versatile set of high-resolution in-ear monitors that complements different genres of music well!!! Impressive High-Resolution Sound Experience With Carefully Designed Multi-BA Architecture:- Tingker H16 is a multi-BA high-resolution IEM designed with a 16-balanced armature driver configuration(8 BA drivers per side). Professional acoustic engineers have carefully designed this multi-BA architecture by accurately calculating the structure, placement locations, desired frequencies, etc. Three-Way Frequency Crossover For Unmatched Performance:- H16 is designed with a multi-BA driver arrangement for a balanced, clear, and natural sound. Tingker has given the pair a three-way frequency crossover with independent three sound acoustic tubes. Two BA drivers produce a deep, flexible, rich bass response, four BA drivers produce fine, smooth, accurate mid to high-frequency response, and two BA drivers are tuned for a lively extremely high-frequency response. Three-Channel Acoustic Sound Guide System:- The drivers are arranged in a three-way frequency crossover. Each frequency region has got its own independent acoustic tube for a clean and precise performance with lower distortion in the output signal. With separate tubes, the sound reverbs are better processed and provide better separation and improved clarity. High-Purity Detachable Cable:- Tingker H16 adopts detachable cables with its standard 0.78mm 2-pin connectors. The pair comes with a high-purity OFC(Oxygen-Free Copper) cable. It has 8 strands of 19 pieces of 0.05 OFC wires. It uses transparent and environment-friendly TPU material. 


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