TinHiFi P1 Plus 10mm Planar-diaphragm Driver In-Ear Earphones

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Features:- >10mm Planar Magnetic Driver. >Ultra-thin nano diaphragm technology.  >High-quality 304 Stainless Steel Ear Cavities. >5N OFC Copper Alloy Mixed Braided Cable. >Double-Sided Magnetic Array. >Transparent, Open & Rich Sound. Technical Specifications:- >Impedance: 22Ω±15%. >Sensitivity: 108dB±3dB. >Frequency Response Range: 10Hz-20kHz. >Rated Power: 5mW. >Maximum Power: 10mW. >Max Distortion: 1%@1kHz. Based on the feedback and impressions on the award-winning P1 Planar magnetic driver IEMs, Tin HiFi has announced a successor to the same, the brand new Tin HiFi P1 Plus. The pair adopts a 10mm planar magnetic driver with a newly-developed ultra-thin diaphragm film for unmatched performance. Tin HiFi has upgraded the magnetic structure in the P1 Plus with a newly-developed Double-Sided Magnetic Array that helps the pair achieve high-resolution sound with lower distortion ratings. Large 10mm Planar Magnetic Driver:- Tin HiFi P1 Plus is equipped with a 10mm planar magnetic driver. The brand has already showcased its proficiency with planar magnetic drivers with the P1 and P2 earphones. A planar magnetic driver uses a flat diaphragm enclosed by magnets capable of producing a highly detailed sound with impactful bass response.  Ultra-Thin Diaphragm Film:- The planar magnetic driver in P1 Plus uses a newly-developed ultra-thin diaphragm. It responds precisely and presents the users with a smooth and detailed sound. Thanks to the ultra-thin diaphragm, the P1 Plus has an incredibly fast response time with lower distortion ratings in the output signal. The pair achieves less than 1% distortion in the output greetings the users with a remarkable audio experience on every session. Double-Sided Magnetic Array:- Tin HiFi has designed a brand new double-sided magnetic array for the P1 Plus. They have arranged 14 magnets around the diaphragm film in an evenly distributed manner. It produces a powerful magnetic flux allowing the diaphragm film to move evenly within the driver cavity. This helps the pair achieve the desired natural sound response with ultra-low distortion. Exquisite Stainless Steel Ear Cavities:- Tin HiFi P1 Plus has premium 304 stainless steel ear shells. They have a rich chrome finish for elegant looks. The pair looks simply brilliant and has an ergonomic form factor. The ear shells have a triangular shape with an angled ear nozzle for a comfortable and firm fit for the users. High-Purity OFC Cable With Gold-Plated MMCX Connectors:- Tin HiFi P1 Plus has a high-purity 5N OFC cable with gold-plated MMCX connectors. The cable greatly enhances the sonic capabilities of the pair by providing low internal resistance. It is a perfect companion to the latest P1 Plus.


P1 Plus + Gift MMCX Puller

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