TOPPING A30Pro NFCA Headphone Amplifier AMP

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Features:- >Audio by-pass even when power off. >Hi-res certified. >Fully balanced architecture. >Balanced XLR input support. >4-pin XLR+4.4mm Balanced output. >6.35mm SE output. >Three level gain(-14dB, 0dB, 14dB). >Ultra-Low Distortion(<0.00006%). >Ultra-Low Noise(<0.3uVrms). >Incredibly Powerful(Up to 6W output power @ 16ohms). Topping A30 Pro is an incredibly powerful desktop headphone amplifier with fully balanced 4-pin XLR and 4.4mm headphone output ports. The A30 Pro is a high-tier performer achieving an ultra-low distortion rating close to 0.00006% providing clean, distortion-free output. It supports both high-demanding headphones and sensitive IEMs with a three-step gain switch. Super-Clean Power For Your Headphones:- For an authentic experience, a headphone amplifier should have two things, powerful output, and clean distortion-free output. The Topping A30 Pro checks both these and provides a true-to-life natural experience for its users. It achieves THD+N ratings of 0.00006% along with ultra-low noise floor of <0.3uV and high-dynamic-range of 145dB. We are pretty sure you are gonna love the pitch dark completely noise-free output with your HiFi headphones.   NFCA Based High-Performance Audio Circuit:- The A30 Pro utilizes the new specifically redesigned NFCA based audio circuit. It is optimized for superb single-ended performance with super-clean and crisp output. The A30 Pro is equipped with 10xOPA1656 architecture along with UHGF(Ultra High Gain Feedback) technology maximizing the performance of the amplifier. PowerHouse In Your Chain:- The A30 Pro is an incredibly powerful headphone amplifier. It can power hard-to-drive headphones without any trouble. It outputs up to 6W at 16 ohms of load, 5.5W at 32 ohms, 840mW at 300 ohms, and 420mW at 600 ohms of the load. Huge output power and margin bring excellent control ability and drive all the demanding headphones with ease. Three-Step Gain Switch:- The Topping A30 Pro features a three-step gain switch with -14dB, 0dB, and +14dB gain modes. Users can use sensitive IEMs with the A30 Pro with its -14dB low-gain mode. 


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