TOPPING A90 Full Balanced Headphone Amplifier / Pre-Amplifier

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Features:- >Can be used as Headphone AMP or Pre-AMP. >NFCA(Nested Feedback Composite Amplifier). >Three Output Ports, 4.4mm balanced, 4-Pin XLR balanced, and 6.35mm unbalanced. >Three gain settings: Low, Medium, and High. >Ultra Low Distortion (THD+N) <0.00006%. >High Dynamic Range (DNR) of 145dB. >Ultra-low Noise <0.2uVrms. >Ultra-low Output Impedance <0.1 ohms. >Monstrous Output Power up to 7600mWx2. TOPPING has finally released its highly anticipated headphone amplifier, the TOPPING A90. The A90 is TOPPING‘s flagship desktop headphone amplifier that stacks well with the flagship TOPPING D90 DAC. It has already received outstanding reviews on Audio Science Review. The TOPPING A90 is equipped with NFCA(Nested Feedback Composite Amplifier) modules, featuring UHGF(ultra-high gain feedback) technology to provide excellent AC and DC performance. This powerful device can also function as an excellent low noise pre-amp. TOPPING D90+A90 matching Ultra-High Performance with NFCA Modules:- The TOPPING A90 is equipped with ultra-high performance NFCA modules. Voltage current hybrid feedback architecture with UHGF(Ultra High Gain Feedback) technology provides excellent AC and DC performance. The headphone amplifier delivers extremely clean amounts of power at an ultra-low output impedance of <0.1 Ohms. The high current output capability of the A90 allows it to drive low impedance current hungry headphones easily. The ultra-low noise of <0.2uVrms and the high dynamic range of 145dB enable the A90 of driving the most sensitive IEMs without producing any hint of hiss or noise. Therefore, the TOPPING A90 has a completely black, silent background. Headphone AMP and Pre-AMP modes:- The TOPPING A90 can be used in two different modes, either as a headphone AMP or as a Pre-AMP. When used in Pre-AMP mode, the TOPPING A90 has a line-level output impedance of 20ohms (single-ended) for RCA and 40ohms for the line-level XLR (balanced), making it compatible with many amplification systems. To use the A90 as a Pre-amp, users can utilize the RCA (single-ended) or XLR (balanced) outputs on the back. Multiple Output Ports:- The TOPPING A90 has three different headphone outputs. Two fully balanced jacks (4-Pin XLR, 4.4mm), and a single 6.35mm single-ended jack. The headphone outputs deliver an enormous amount of power reaching up to 7600mWx2; This is more than enough to easily power the most power-hungry headphones. The A90 also has three gain levels: low, medium, and high. This allows users to adapt the A90 to headphones and IEMs with different sensitivities. Dual Input Options:- You can provide audio signal input to the TOPPING A90 via any of its dual input options. You can use either the fully balanced XLR input or use the unbalanced RCA input. Package Contents:- >One Topping A90 Headphone amplifier. >One Power Cable. >One 6.35mm-3.5mm adapter. >User Manual. >Warranty Card.    


Black, Sliver, TOPPING D90SE + A90 + TOPPING TCX1 75 Black, TOPPING D90SE + A90 + TOPPING TCX1 75 Silver

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