TOPPING DX7 Pro+ BT 5.1 LDAC Transmission DAC & Built-in NFCA Headphone AMP

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Features:- >Premium ES9038Pro Flagship-Grade DAC. >Brand-new I/V conversion circuit. >High-definition Bluetooth V5.1 connectivity with LDAC support. >Clean performance with Ultra-low distortion. >Supports high-resolution 32-Bit/768kHz PCM and native DSD512. >Built-in NFCA Headphone AMP. >RCA&XLR analog outputs. >6.35mm Single-Ended, and 4-pin XLR Balanced headphone outputs. >Coaxial, Optical, AES, USB, IIS input support. >Fully functioning remote control. >Powerful headphone output(up to 1.9W@32Ω). >Two-level gain modes. >Hi-Res Audio and Hi-Res Audio Wireless Certifications. —SpecificationsSplit— Topping DX7 Pro+ is an upgrade to the classic DX7 Pro. It’s an all-in-one DAC+Headphone amplifier designed for high-end desktop usage. Topping has equipped the DX7 Pro+ with the flagship ES9038Pro DAC chip from ESS Sabre Technologies. It’s combined with a built-in NFCA headphone amplification circuit for powerful headphone output. With the Topping DX7 Pro+, keep your desktop stack clean and simple with a single device!! Flagship Sabre DAC Chip:- Topping DX7 Pro+ uses ESS Sabre ES9038Pro flagship-grade 32-Bit DAC chip. It adopts the 32-bit Hyper-Stream architecture that enables the DX7 Pro+ to precisely decode high-resolution 32-bit audio signals. Brand New I/V Conversion Circuit:- Topping has designed a brand new I/V conversion circuit for the DX7 Pro+. It is designed for better audio quality reproduction with lower distortion and lower noise in the output signal. With the help of the flagship Sabre DAC and this new I/V conversion circuit, the DX7 Pro+ outperforms its predecessor model with a huge margin. Power Your Headphones With the Built-in NFCA Headphone Amp:- Topping DX7 Pro+ has the new NFCA headphone amplification circuit specially optimized for the unit. It pairs with high-sensitivity IEMs as well as high-power requiring full-sized headphones well. DX7 pro+ has got a powerful output rating of up to 1900mwx2 at 32Ω of output load. Versatile Connectivity With Multiple Input/Output Options:- Topping DX7 Pro+ supports multiple input and output options. It comes with USB, Bluetooth, AES, Coaxial, Optical, and IIS input. For output, it houses 6.35mm SE, 4.4mm Bal, and 4-pin XLR Bal headphone outputs as well as RCA and 3-pin XLR analog outputs. Easy To Use Step Volume Control:- For accurate volume adjustment, the Topping DX7 Pro+ comes with a step volume control. The volume wheel has been implemented in such a manner that even the slightest change won’t bring any imbalance issues in the output. Upgraded Bluetooth Connectivity:- With the all-new QCC5125 Bluetooth chipset from Qualcomm, the latest Topping DX7 Pro+ supports Wireless Bluetooth V5.1 connectivity. It supports high-definition transmission protocols including LDAcC, APTX HD, AptX LL, AAC, SBC, etc codecs.  


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