TOPPING HS02 USB2.0 High Performance High Compatibility Low Latency Audio Isolator

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Features:- >High-Performance USB Noise Isolator. >Highly-Compatible with Most devices out there. >Low-Latency Transmission. >Fully-Isolated Ground Loop. >Isolation Withstands Electrical Surges and Sudden Power Fluctuations. >Withstands up to 1500VDC. >Dual Inputs, Dual Outputs. >External Power Support(5V). —SpecificationsSplit— Topping HS02 is a brand-new USB isolator designed to deliver a clean sound signal free from any noise interference caused by USB output or external power. It supports dual input and output options supports USB-C and USB-B for input and USB-A and USB-C for output. You can easily switch between the input and outputs via a dedicated switch on both sides of the devices. It provides clean signal transmission which is completely isolated from the ground loop as well. HS02 can also be connected to external 5V power for USB DAC that requires power from the connected source device!! Compact and Versatile:- With dual input and output ports, the latest Topping HS02 is a highly versatile device. It supports USB Type-C and USB Type-B inputs and provides the output via USB Type-A and USB Type-C ports. Switching between both ports is simple and easy as both sides have a dedicated switch to choose the appropriate connection. Supports External 5V Power:- Sometimes the USB DAC takes power from the connected source and doesn’t have external power requirements. In such cases, you can connect the HS02 with an external 5V power adapter. Don’t worry the sound signal will be completely safe from any noise being introduced by this external power supply. This 5V adapter will be connected to the USB Type-C port on the input side. For devices that don’t take USB power, a 5V supply is not required. High-Speed Compatibility:- Topping HS02 supports high-speed USB 2.0 transmission. It automatically identifies the signal speed whether it is low, full, or high speed. The high-speed transmission comes into play when we play high-bitrate PCM and DSD files. Fully Isolated Design:- The HS02 has a fully isolated design. It does not introduce any interference even when an external power supply is used. The audio signal is completely isolated from the ground loop interferences. Smooth Signal Transmission With Ultra-Low Latency:- Topping HS02 supports high-speed transmission with ultra-low signal latency. Compared to the previous generation of USB isolators from Topping, the latest HS02 is about 75% faster with a latency of just 0.073us.


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