TOPPING LA90 Discrete Ultra-high Performance Power Amplifier

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  Features:- >NFCA Discrete High-Power Amplifier Circuit. >Powerful Driving Force for both Stereo and Mono Modes. >Up to 120W Per Channel Output in Stereo Mode. >Up to 220W Output in Mono Mode. >Clean Sound With Ultra-Low Distortion(<0.0001%). >High SNR Performance(143dB). >Two-Step Gain Settings. >3 x XLR/TRS Input Options. >Selectable Stereo & Mono Modes. >Pre-Amp/Bypass Mode. >CNC Machined All-Aluminum Build. >12V Trigger Interface. Topping LA90 is a high-power discrete power amplifier designed especially with top-quality components for premium speaker systems. The LA90 features a special NFCA discrete amplifier circuit and is suitable for demanding speaker systems. It can be used easily in both Stereo and Mono Modes with high-power output ratings in both modes. Topping LA90 has 2-step gain settings promising up to 120W per channel in stereo mode and up to 220W in mono mode. With the help of a precisely designed NFCA circuit, Topping LA90 outputs clean power with ultra-low distortion and high SNR performance. Topping LA90 is a flagship-product ideal for outstanding sound capabilities in a speaker chain!! Top-Quality Performance With Discrete Components:- For an amplifier to sound clean and natural, it must have high-quality components on its audio circuitry. LA90 Discrete brings top-quality benchmarks with its discrete audio circuitry. It provides clean, powerful, low-distortion output suitable for high-power requiring Speakers. LA90 Discrete takes your listening experience to a new level of pristine sound and accuracy. Newly-Developed Discrete NFCA Circuit:- Topping has designed the new LA90 Discrete with a newly developed NFCA Power Amplifier Circuit. It will bring the users ab absolutely amazing experience with your speaker setup. Users will experience the darkest background with ultra-low distortion. LA90 achieves an ultra-low distortion of less than 0.0001% and a high SNR performance of 143dB. Multiple TRS & XLR Inputs:- Topping LA90 features three input ports that support both XLR and TRS inputs. Users can connect the LA90 to three different sets of inputs and can switch between them easily and swiftly. Selectable Stereo and Mono Outputs:- Topping LA90 supports both stereo and mono Output options. It provides up to 120Wx2 output in stereo mode and up to 220W in mono mode. It can easily power hungry speakers with ease. Rock Solid Build With All-Aluminum Build:- Topping LA90 Discrete is made up of a high-quality CNC machined aluminum enclosure. It not only has an exquisite finish but also provides the LA90 Discrete with rugged protection and passive cooling on both sides helping the amplifier to work reliably for long hours. High-Power Low Distortion Output:- Topping LA90 Discrete achieves best-in-class performance with its premium discrete circuit. It achieves ultra-low distortion of less than 0.0001% with high-power output. It has a wide working range and low distortion under heavy load. Even in commonly used 4Ω and 8Ω loads, LA90 Discrete controls the distortion around 0.0001% ensuring clean sound.  


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