TOPPING PA3s Fully Balanced Class D Power Amplifier

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Features:- >Fully balanced Class D amplifier. >Dual independent MA12070 Merus Power AMP chips. >Ultra-low distortion ratings. >Balanced TRS connection support. >Single-ended RCA connection support. >Powerful output, drive speakers with ease. >Simply & compact form factor. >Perfect companion for Topping D10 Bal DAC. Meet the brand new Topping PA3s a fully balanced class D power amplifier to bring life to your HiFi speaker setups. Equipped with two independent MA12070 class D power amplifier chips, the Topping PA3s offer impressive power output to drive your bookshelf as well as floor speakers with ease. It has a balanced architecture where users can connect it with Topping s latest TRS Balanced DAC s such as D10 Balanced and E50. Dual Independent Class D Power Amplifier Chips:- Topping has equipped the PA3s with two independent MA12070 class D power amplifier chips for each channel. It is a powerful chip that provides powerful amplification with low distortion and crosstalk. Independent chip for each channel reduces the overall load on each chip and effectively improves the stability and lifespan of the chips. Impressive Power, Bringing your Speakers To Life:- To bring the best out of our HiFi Bookshelf and Floor speakers we need to feed them well with clean power. Topping PA3s is capable of providing an output power of up to 80Wx2 @ 4Ω with THD+N at 10%. For THD+N 1%, the PA3S churns out 65Wx2 @4Ω. It is more than adequate to bring life to our HiFi speaker setups. Balanced & Single-Ended Input Architecture:- Users can feed the audio signal to the PA3S using both single-ended RCA and Balanced TRS connections. The use of balanced input eliminates potential ground loop problems resulting in a cleaner, noise-free background. Users can easily switch between both the input options using the button on the front. Technical Specifications:- Single Ended Input:- >THD+N@1kHz(A-weighted): <0.0050% @ 4Ω, <0.0040% @8Ω. >THD+N@20Hz-10kHz(20kBW): <0.0080% @4Ω, <0.0070% @8Ω. >SNR: 107dB. >Dynamic Range: 107dB. >Frequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz(±0.1dB). >Output Level: 46Vpp@4Ω, 48Vpp@8Ω. >Noise(A-wt): <70uVrms. >Crosstalk: -96dB. >Input sensitivity: 0.92Vrms. >Gain: 25.2dB. >Channel balance: 0.5dB. Bal Input:- >THD+N@1kHz(A-weighted): <0.0045% @ 4Ω, <0.0040% @8Ω. >THD+N@20Hz-10kHz(20kBW): <0.0070% @4Ω, <0.0060% @8Ω. >SNR: 112dB. >Dynamic Range: 112dB. >Frequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz(±0.1dB). >Output Level: 46Vpp@4Ω, 48Vpp@8Ω. >Noise(A-wt): <70uVrms. >Crosstalk: -100dB. >Input sensitivity: 1.75Vrms. >Gain: 19.5dB. >Channel balance: 0.5dB. Output Parameters:- >Output Power(THD+N <10%): 80Wx2 @4Ω, 45Wx2 @8Ω. >Output Power(THD+N <1%): 65Wx2 @4Ω, 37Wx2 @8Ω. >Adapter Impedance: 4-8Ω.  


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