TRI 2 Core Grace-S 630 Srands High-end Earphone Silver Upgrade Cable

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Product Name: Grace-S Color: Silver Connector:MMCX/2Pin/QDC/TFZ Specification: Mainline 2 core with a total of 630 strands Plug Type:3.5mm/2.5mm/4.4mm Wearing Mode: Around ears Length:120cm


2pin 2.5mm, MMCX 3.5mm, 2pin 3.5mm, 2pin 4.4mm, QDC 4.4mm, QDC 2.5mm, QDC 3.5mm, TFZ 2.5mm, TFZ 3.5mm, TFZ 4.4mm, MMCX 4.4mm, MMCX 2.5mm

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