TRI StarShine 2BA + Dual Electrostatic In-Ear Monitors IEMs

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Note: First batch will be shipped since April, 30th.    Features:- >Premium Quad-Driver Hybrid Configuration. >Denmark Imported Dual Sonion Electrostatic Tweeters. >American Imported Dual Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers. >Advanced Electronic Frequency Division. >Skin-Friendly Resin Material Ear Shells. >Eight-Core High-Purity Copper & Silver-Plated Braided Cable. >Stunning Looks. >Comfortable Wearing Experience. >Impedance: 56 ohms. >Sensitivity: 98dB. >Connectors: Standard 2-pin 0.78mm. >Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-20kHz.   TRI Starshine is the latest quad-driver hybrid pair of in-ear monitors featuring two highly detailed Sonion EST tweeters and two high-performance Knowles BA drivers for an outstanding sound experience.     High-Performance Knowles BA Drivers:- Knowles is a premium audio driver brand based in China. Almost every other brand here utilizes the power of Knowles Balanced Armature drivers in HiFi audio IEMs. TRI Starshine features Knowles-29689 for smooth, lively mid-frequency response and Knowles 22955 for a powerful low-frequency response. Sonion EST Tweeters:- Electrostatic Drivers are now being featured in High-end IEMs for an ultra-detailed high-frequency response. TRI has equipped the Starshine here with dual EST tweeters from Sonion, a well-renowned audio driver manufacturing brand based in Denmark. These EST tweeters allow the pair to achieve an outstanding high-frequency response with ultimate clarity and detailing. Exquisite Design With Stunning Looks:- TRI Starshine features specially designed earpieces with a unique texture on each and every single unit thanks to the supremely crafted beautiful face panels. The inner cavity is made with imported skin-friendly material in an ergonomic design ensuring a comfy and firm fit for long listening sessions. Advanced Electronic Frequency Division:- To ensure the output is distortion-free, TRI Audio has designed an advanced three-way electronic frequency division combined with three acoustic tube physical frequency divisions. All drivers combined work flawlessly and provide an ultimate sound quality with high-resolution detailing and clarity. High-Purity Copper & Silver-Plated Mixed Braided Cable:- TRI Starshine comes with a high-purity 8-core copper and silver-plated mixed hybrid cable with standard 2-pin 0.78mm connectors and a 3.5mm termination plug. It has comfortable and soft outer insulated skin that effectively reduces any microphonic issues.  


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