TRN Kirin Superior Class 14.5mm Planar Magnetic Driver In-Ear IEMS

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Features:- >Nano-grade Planar magnetic driver. >CNC precision-machined magnesium-alloy housing. >Expansive wide soundstage for a heavenly sound. >Adjustable tuning with interchangeable tuning nozzles. >High-purity silver-plated OFC cable. >Swappable termination plugs. >Specially-designed pressure relief vent structure. Technical Specifications:- >Impedance: 32Ω. >Sensitivity: 106dB. >Frequency Response: 7Hz-40kHz. >Connector type: 2-pin. >Weight: 15g(earpieces)+26g(Cable). As storied are told to the kids, Kirin refers to a mythical creature who is said to be one of the most powerful beings in the East Asian culture. Kirin is often considered a god in its own rights. Following the stories, TRN has designed the almighty Kirin, a high-resolution premium in-ear monitor designed with a nano-grade planar magnetic driver. TRN does justice to the name by giving a majestic look to the ear shells. The pair features high-quality CNC machined magnesium-alloy ear cavities in a striking Black and Gold color combination. Even the motif design on the face covers resembles the texture of the Kirin Scales. All-New Designed Planar Magnetic Driver:- TRN has designed a brand new Nano-Grade 14.5mm planar magnetic driver for the Kirin. It is designed to deliver a quality sound performance with impressive lower end, nicely separated instruments, and lovely vocal clarity. The pair delivers high-resolution clarity throughout a wide frequency response range that hits as low as 7Hz and goes as high as 40kHz. Specially-designed Acoustic Cavity Structure:- To match the large 14.5mm planar magnetic driver, TRN has designed custom acoustic housings that results in presenting high-resolution sound with ultra-low distortion and precise imaging. TRN Kirin is crafted to deliver a transparent sound performance that complements different genres of music well!! Freely Adjust The Tuning With Interchangeable Nozzles:- The nozzles on the TRN Kirin can be swapped with ease. It comes with three sets of gold-plated brass nozzles each one having a different inner mesh diameter and length. The nozzles can be used to adjust the tuning a bit. TRN Kirin includes Transparent sounding, Reference sounding, and Atmospheric Immersive sounding nozzles. Exquisite Build With Magnesium Alloy Cavities:- Kirin is a mythical god, and TRN has done a great job in designing exquisite looks for the same. The housing here is made up of high-quality CNC machined magnesium alloy material. It not only gives a rich, premium finish to the pair but also has a rigid and durable structure. The face cover has got motifs that resemble Kirin scales. Unmatched Performance With High-Purity Performance:- TRN Kirin brings top-quality performance to its users. The brand has designed every single thing in the package with the best components. This includes a high-purity 8-core silver-plated oxygen-free copper cable. This cable has swappable termination plugs and standard 2-pin connectors. It has a swappable termination plug design, package included 3.5mm+2.5mm+4.4mm plugs.


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