TRN Mars 1DD + 1BA + 1Vibration Triple Driver In-Ear Monitors For Gaming

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  Features:- >Premium Three-Driver Configuration. >1 Full-Range Dynamic Driver+1Vibration Driver+1 High-Frequency BA Driver. >Removable Microphone. >Especially Designed For Gaming. >2-Pin Detachable Cable. > High-quality stock Cable With Swappable Termination Plugs(Includes 3.5mm in the package). >Exquisite Earshells With Liquid Metal Face Covers & Resin Cavities. >Synchornized Vibrations For Full 3D Experience. >Finely-Tuned Excellent Sound Quality. >Rich Stock Accessories. Technical Information:- >Impedance: 8Ω. >Sensitivity: 112dB. >Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz. >Connector Type: 2-pin. >Termination Plug: 3.5mm. Get a pure 3D gaming experience with the all-new TRN Mars three-driver premium in-ear monitors. TRN has featured a custom-developed vibration driver unit that provides a full 3D feel with a strong vibrating experience. It is combined with a 10mm full-frequency dynamic driver unit and a high-frequency balanced armature driver unit. It is a premium pair of IEM designed specially for gaming and comes with a removable microphone for easy communication with your teammates. TRN has finely adjusted the tuning of the Mars for a crisp detailed sound that lets you know the position of your enemies on the battlefield!! Full-3D Experience:- TRN has developed a strong vibration driver unit with an N52-level large magnetic flux circuit. It detects footsteps, and gunfire, and enhances the immersive experience for the user with strong vibration feedback. The synchronized vibration brings a unique sensory experience to games and movies. Impressive Sound With Three-Driver Setup:- TRN Mars features a three-driver hybrid configuration on each side. It includes a 10mm full-frequency dynamic driver unit with PET composite diaphragm, a high-performance custom Balanced Armature driver for enhanced high-frequency band, and a vibration unit for an exceptional immersive experience for the users. Exclusive Clarity With Precise Tuning Adjustments:- TRN has finely adjusted the tuning of the Mars for ultimate clarity and detail-level presentation. The IEM reproduces even the minutest details with great clarity, presenting the users with a fully detailed presentation while they game. Its impressive clarity showcases your enemy’s movement and helps you locate them on the battlefield with ease. Communicate Freely With Detachable Microphone:- Communication is a key strategy in online gaming. The TRN Mars comes with a detachable microphone that helps you communicate with your teammates with ease. You can connect the microphone whenever it is required and can detach it when it is no longer required. Its flexible lever design allows for free adjustment to any angle. High-Quality Stock Cable With Replaceable Termination Plugs:- TRN Mars comes with a high-quality 4-core silver-plated copper and oxygen-free copper mixed hybrid braided cable. It has standard 2-pin connectors and supports swappable termination plugs. The pair includes 3.5mm single-ended termination in the package, other termination options such as 2.5mm, and 4.4mm can be purchased separately. The 3.5mm single-ended termination makes it an ideal companion for different sources including Nintendo Switch, PC, Laptop, etc. Exclusive Designer Looks:- TRN Mars features an exclusive design and premium looks. The pair features high-quality liquid metal alloy face covers connected to skin-friendly high-quality resin material cavities. The design is ergonomic and lightweight making it comfortable and easy to use.



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