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  Features:- >Hybrid Dual Driver Setup. >Knowles 33518 BA Driver. >8mm Dual-Core Dynamic Driver. >Premium Magnesium Alloy Housing. >Impedance: 16 Ohms. >Sensitivity: 107dB. >Frequency Response Range: 10Hz-40kHz. >Universal MMCX Connectors. TRN TA1 is the latest hybrid driver in-ear monitors featuring a premium dual-driver hybrid setup with premium Magnesium Alloy ear shells. The pair features a high-performance Knowles Balanced Armature driver paired with an 8mm dual-core dynamic driver unit for powerful, lively sound output. 8mm Dual-Core Dynamic Driver Unit:- TRN has equipped the TA1 with a dual-driver hybrid configuration consisting of an 8mm dual-core dynamic driver unit with a Knowles 33518 BA unit. The 8mm micro dynamic driver unit handles the lower end with utmost precision and quick punchy bass complementing the other frequencies for musical output. Premium Knowles Balanced Armature Driver:- Knowles is a renowned brand for high-performance balanced armature drivers. TRN has opted for a Knowles 33518 for sweet vocals and rich treble performance with the TA1. The pair delivers smooth, detailed vocals, with rich non-fatiguing higher-frequencies. The pair provides a super smooth distortion-free acoustic performance throughout its wide frequency response range. Magnesium Alloy Housing:- TRN TA1 features astonishingly beautiful earpieces for its class. They are made up of high-quality magnesium alloy material with a silver glossy finish providing excellent looks to the pair. They have a small-form-factor to provide a super comfy fit for most people. Easy To Drive:- The TRN TA1 has a low impedance rating of 16 ohms with a high-sensitivity rating of 107dB/mW. The pair can be powered easily using smartphones, portable players, and more devices.


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