UM/Unique Melody MEXT HIFI Earphones

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Features:- >Newly-developed Coli-based Bone Conduction driver. >Extraordinary performance with six-driver hybrid configuration per side. >Ultra-low distortion with Four-way Frequency Crossover. >Natural and Powerful sound tuning. >Ergonomic & comfortable. >High-quality UM Copper M1 custom cable. Technical Specifications:- >Impedance: 16Ω. >DD & BA Frequency Response: 20Hz-23kHz. >OBC Frequency Response: 200Hz-7kHz. >Sensitivity:: 108dB@1kHz. For an extraordinary audio experience, Unique Melody has introduced its latest set of premium in-ear monitors, the all-new Unique Melody MEXT. MEXT uses their newly developed coil-based bone conduction driver(also known as Original Bone Conduction or OBC driver) that is paired with multiple air-conduction drivers(i.e. DD and BA units) for a smooth and natural sound. This coil-based OBC driver provides an exceptional lower-end response with a powerful punch and slam. Be prepared to enjoy your favorite music with the all-new UM MEXT!! Unique Melody, The Brand With The Authentic Bone Conduction Technology:- Back in 2016, Unique Melody crafted the Bone Conduction driver technology which they implemented in some of their highly-successful products. They actually designed two types of bone-conduction drivers, first is the Vibrating Bone Conduction drivers. These were implemented in the famous Mest series of IEMs. The second is coil-based bone conduction drivers also known as Orignal Bone Conduction Drivers(OBC). MEXT features the Coil-based OBC driver. It is said to have a better impact in the lower end and an overall better synergy with other driver types. Extra Ordinary Performance With Extra Ordinary Driver Arrangement:- Unique Melody has got its expertise in multi-driver hybrid configurations in its premium products. The latest addition, the UM MEXT has got a six-driver hybrid config per side. The pair houses a coil-based OBC driver with a single dynamic driver and four balanced armature drivers. Clean & Distortion-Free Sound performance With Four-Way Frequency Crossover:- Unique Melody has arranged the drivers in a four-way frequency crossover to achieve a clean and distortion-free sound performance. The dynamic driver produces a powerful lower-end response, two BA drivers for midrange and two for Treble response. The bone conduction driver has a frequency response range of 200Hz-7kHz. Custom PW Audio Cable:- Unique Melody is known for its high-quality bundled accessories. They also include a high-purity stock cable with the MEXT. It is a custom PW Audio Copper cable, termination you can choose while buying the pair. Small & Ergonomic Cavities:- The OBC driver is placed inside the IEMs in such a way that it comes close to the Ear bone. The pair is designed in an ergonomic manner with a small shell size. It is easier to wear and ensures a comfortable fit for most users.


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