Unique Melody Maven Pro New Upgrade 10BA+2EST In-Ear IEMs

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Features:- >Premium Sapphire blue titanium shells. >Twelve driver hybrid configuration. >Ten High-Performance Balanced Armature Drivers. >Two Electrostatic Tweeters. >Dynamic, Punchy, Sound Performance. >Newly-designed 3D printed acoustic cavity. >Four-way Frequency crossover. >Four Independent acoustic tubes. >UM Copper M2 Cable. Technical Specs:- >Impedance: 30Ω. >Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-70kHz. >Sensitivity: 112dB. >Connectors: Standard 2-pin. >Termination Options: 2.5mm/4.4mm/3.5mm(choose while purchasing). —SpecificationsSplit— Unique Melody Maven Pro is finally here, an upgrade to the classic Maven multi-driver IEM. This time around, Unique Melody has created the Maven Pro with a 12-driver arrangement housing 10 high-performance balanced armature drivers along with 2 electrostatic tweeters. The pair deliver unmatchable resolution and brings life to your favorite music with ultimate clarity and detail. Unique Melody has arranged the drivers in a 4-way frequency crossover using a newly-designed 3D-printed acoustic cavity structure. The pair features hand-crafted Titanium material shells in stunning Sapphire Blue color. Whopping 12-Driver Arrangement:- Maven Pro houses a huge 12-driver arrangement on each side. The pair packs ten Balanced armature drivers and two low-voltage electrostatic tweeters. Maven Pro shows outstanding clarity, detailed resolution, and a spacious soundstage presentation with this 12-driver configuration. Premium Titanium Shells in Sapphire Blue Color:- Unique Melody has designed the ear shells of Maven Pro using premium titanium material. The shells are handcrafted in a striking Sapphire Blue color with a premium design finish. Titanium is a premium material that has extremely good sound characteristics. It absorbs close to no sound, hence allowing the drivers to perform at the top of their capabilities. Unique Melody has used high-end 3D printing technologies to craft the earpieces of Maven pro. 3D-Printed Acoustic Cavity Structure:- Unique Melody has got years of experience in designing premium in-ear monitors. The brand has treated the huge 12-driver arrangement on the Maven Pro with a 3D printed acoustic cavity structure. They have used four independent acoustic tubes for interference-free performance. Four-Way Frequency Crossover:- The 12 drivers here are arranged in a professionally adjusted 4-way frequency crossover. There are four balanced armature drivers for the lower end, two for the midrange, and four for the treble frequencies. The Electrostatic drivers are tuned to bring out exceptional details from the ultra-high frequency region. High-Purity Cable:- Unique Melody Maven Pro comes bundled with a high-purity copper cable. The package includes UM Copper M2 cable, it is a high-purity OCC copper cable that allows the pair to perform well with a low resistance to the transmitting audio signal.


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