xDuoo MP-01/ MP01 Tube Phono Pre-AMP & Headphone Amplifier

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Features:- >Tube Phono Pre-Amp & Headphone Amplifier. >Bass & Treble Compensation Function with Physical Knobs. >Smooth & Rich Vocal Performance. >Dual 6N3 Tubes for Signal Amplification. >Supports 6.35mm Headphone Output. >Aux, Phono Input Support. >High-Quality Components Including Japanese Rubicon, ELNA Capacitors, etc. >Heat-Dissipating Sandblasted Textured Aluminum Alloy Shells. >Headphone Output Power: 320mW@32Ω. >THD+N: ≤0.15%(Aux), ≤0.5%(MM), ≤1%(MC). >Compatible with Different Devices including Phonographs, Computers, Mobile Phones, CD Players, TV, DAC Decoders, etc. xDuoo MP-01 is a brand new tube-based phono pre-amp and headphone amplifier specially designed to pair with vinyl devices such as LP turntables, etc. The dual tube design treats the users with an exceptionally rich sound and lovely vocal clarity. xDuoo has featured dual physical knobs on the MP-01 that help the user to compensate for bass and treble frequencies. Amplify The Weak Signals From Your Vinyl Players:- Vinyl Players usually have very small output through the Phono port which is about 3mV in most cases. It is necessary to be amplified for speakers and headphone amplifiers. The MP-01 serves as a window with dual tube pre-amp and headphone amp function letting you enjoy your favorite vinyl records!! The purpose of MP-01 is not only to amplify the signal, but you can also compensate for the bass and treble response in the output signal. Delicate & Soft Sound With Dual-Tube Amplification:- xDuoo MP-01 features dual 6N3 tubes for the front-stage amplification stage. It treats the listeners with soft and delicate sounds. The tube has a replaceable design, users can easily replace the tube with 6H3N, JAN-5680W, and other electronic tubes and enjoy different flavors of sound!! Bass & Treble Compensation:- xDuoo MP-01 has treble and bass-enhancing physical knobs. They help you easily compensate for the lost high and lower-end response of the recording head. It helps you adjust the output to your liking. Users can adjust the Bass and Treble region within a -6dB to +6dB range. Use Your Favorite Headphones As Well:- Users can also pair their favorite headphones with the MP-01 as well. It features a 6.35mm single-ended headphone output port that helps you use your headphones with your LP Vinyl devices. The MP-01 has a rated output power of 320mW @ 32Ω of impedance. Solid Build Structure With Aluminum Alloy Shell:- xDuoo MP-01 features a high-quality aluminum alloy shell. The device has a sandblasted textured panel. The casing effectively reduces heat generation and also resists external interferences to the audio signal. Enjoy the high-resolution sound performance with the MP-01!!    


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