xDuoo MT-601S High-Performance 12AU7/ECC82 Tube + Class Headphone Amplifier & Pre-amp

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Features:- >High-Performance Tube+Class A Headphone Amp. >Premium 12AU7/ECC82 Tube in Pre-AMP stage. >Sweetness of Tubes, Power of Class A Transistor AMP in a single device. >Pre-Amp Line-out function. >Japanese ELNA SILMIC(II) Capacitors. >Sand-Blasted Textured Aluminum Alloy Chassis. >Aux In Support. >Single-Ended 6.35mm Headphone Connection Support. >Powerful Output, Drives most headphones easily. Technical Specifications:- >Output Power: 200mW(32Ω). >Dynamic Range: 85dBA(32Ω). >Frequency Response: 10Hz-60kHz. >Suitable Headphone Impedance: 16-600Ω. >THD+N: ≤0.01%. >SNR: >100dB. >Weight: 0.36Kg. >Dimensions: 12×7.8x4cm. —SpecificationsSplit— xDuoo MT-601S is the second-generation highly-acclaimed MT-601 tube+transistor-based hybrid headphone amplifier. The primary upgrade over the previous model is the updated tube in the amplifier. The OG MT601 featured a 6N11/E88CC tube while the latest MT-601S adopts advanced 12AU7/ECC82 tubes. xDuoo MT-601S brings you the richness of tubes delivering sweet vocals and the dynamics of a transistor Class A amplifier in a single package!! Rich, Sweet Vocals With Tube Pre-AMP:- xDuoo MT-601S features high-performance 12AU7/ECC82 tubes in the pre-amp stage. It adds flavourful sweetness to vocals and presents a lush sound experience for the listeners. You get a musical atmosphere with the MT601S headphone amplifier. High-Speed Transients, Strong Resolving Power With Class A Amplification:- xDuoo MT-601S combines the sweetness of Tubes with the speed and strong resolving power of a class A transistor amplifier. It adds punch and energy to the output signal with a strong thrust. Line-Out Function Can be Used As Pre-AMP:- xDuoo MT-601S features a line-out function with adjustable volume. It can be used as a pre-amp with other audio amplifiers or active speakers in your chain. The pre-amp output goes through the tube section so you are treated with a rich, smooth tone. High-Quality Audio Components On Audio Circuitry:- In order to deliver high-quality sound performance, xDuoo MT-601S features special enthusiast-grade Japanese ELNA SILMIC(II) capacitors and RUBYCON capacitors for a smooth, warm, splendid sound performance. Premium Finish with Sandblasted Textured Panel:- xDuoo MT-601S has the same grey-red color combination with a premium sandblasted finish. The outer panel is made up of hard aluminum alloy shell that not only gives the device a strong build but also resists external interferences effectively.



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