xDuoo MT-605 Tube & Digital Amplifier

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Features:- >High-performance Tube Power Amplifier. >Designed for Passive bookshelf speakers. >Adopts high-power Ti TPA3116 power amp chip. >Sweet & Delicate sound with 12AU7 Tube. >High-quality Japanese Rubicon and Nichicon capacitors. >Sand-blasted textured chassis. Technical Specs:- >Output Power: 2x30W(1kHz, 4Ω). >THD+N: 0.1%@1kHz. >SNR: 85dB. >Crosstalk: 60dB. >Frequency response: 20Hz-40kHz. >Power supply: DC24V. —SpecificationsSplit— xDuoo MT-605 is a brand new tube digital power amplifier designed to pair with the MT and MU series of products by xDuoo. MT-605 houses a high-power Ti TPA3116 power amp chip that provides a clean and powerful signal amplification. It is supported by a 12AU7 tube in the pre-amp stage for a sweet and delicate touch to the output!! A High-Power Digital Amplifier:- With the help of a powerful TI TPA3116 digital amplification chip, the xDuoo MT-605 brings excellent sound amplification to your stereo setup. It provides a clean and precise amplification to the audio signal bringing life to your passive stereo speaker systems. The Goodness of Tubes:- Make your experience sweet and delicate with the goodness of a 12AU7 tube in the pre-amp stage on the MT-605. The sound flows thrown the tube getting a sweet tone and delicate texture that brings life to vocals and you won’t feel any fatigue even after listening for hours!! Powerful Output Ratings:- MT-605 is a highly-capable digital amplifier. It gets a powerful output rating of up to 30W per channel at 4Ω of load. With such a powerful rating, the MT-605 is an ideal choice for most bookshelf stereo speakers out there. High-Quality Components For High-Res Performance:- xDuoo MT-605 adopts high-quality Japanese Rubicon and Nichicon capacitors as the main filter capacitance. They enable the amp to produce clean performance with splendid details and quality resolution. Sandblasted Textured Chassis:- xDuoo has designed the MT-605 with a high-quality metallic frame. It is made up of a sand-blasted textured panel with hard aluminum alloy shell. The device is designed to effectively resist external interference.


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