xDuoo MU-602 High-Performance Spdif DAC With PCM1793 Decoding Chip

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Features:- >High-Performance Digital Input DAC. >Supports SPDIF Coaxial and Optical inputs. >Premium PCM1793 DAC chip. >High-resolution 24-Bit/192kHz audio signal support. >EQ functions with physical Bass and Treble knobs. >Independent volume control. >Dual RCA Outputs. >Easy switching between signals via an input switch. >Audiophile-grade components. >Exquisite finish with Sand-Blasted Textured panel. Technical Specifications:- >RCA Output Level: 2V. >THD+N: 0.005%@1kHz. >SNR: 110dB. >Crosstalk: 108dB. >EQ adjustment: -12dB to +12dB. >Dimensions: 12*7.8*4cm. >Weight: 0.36Kg. —SpecificationsSplit— xDuoo MU-602 is a high-performance DAC with digital SPDIF inputs. It comes with a premium PCM1793 DAC chip that enables the MU-602 to decode High-resolution audio signals supporting 24-Bit/192kHz PCM signals. xDuoo has professionally designed the audio circuitry of the MU-602 with top-quality components like Japanese Rubicon and ELNA capacitors to ensure unmatched performance. It houses three knobs on the front out of which two will allow the users to adjust the sound by adjusting Bass and Treble frequencies and the third knob will be there for independent volume adjustment. Premium SPDIF DAC:- xDuoo MU-602 is a premium SPDIF DAC. It houses a high-performance PCM1793 DAC chip that enables the MU-602 to support high-resolution audio signals. MU-602 will provide full decoding to high-resolution PCM signals with up to 24-Bit/192kHz bitrate. Dual Signal Input Ports With Easy Switching:- xDuoo MU-602 houses two digital input ports. It features SPDIF Coaxial and Optical input ports. The inputs can be switched easily using a key present on the front of the device. Easy EQ Function:- xDuoo MU-602 has an easy equalizing function. The device has independent treble and bass adjustment with knobs on the front. It allows easy adjustment between -12dB to +12dB range. With simple knobs for adjusting the Bass and Treble response, anyone can easily adjust the output!! Enthusiast-Grade Audio Circuitry:- In order to deliver high-quality output, the xDuoo MU-602 adopts high-end components for its audio circuitry. It uses special audiophile-grade Japanese Rubicon and ELNA capacitors as the main filter capacitance. MU-602 achieves a smooth, warm sound with its premium audio circuitry.


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